Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wall Art Preview

Since we are still in the middle of several big projects, we are holding off taking pictures of the shop. As soon as the Christmas items are all out and the floor is swept, we'll put the camera to good use. In the meantime, here are just a couple of the newest pictures we have in stock. Bunnies just never go out of style. The same could be said for dragonflies. The pictures from my online source are a poor substitute for the real things. The colors are so much more vibrant, and the matting has much more detail. You'll really want to see these in person, along with the others we're not showing you!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just for fun

Do you know your "style"? Is it important to put a label on what you like?

Do you have a difficult time choosing items for your home?

Do you like taking quizzes?

Are you wondering what these pictures are about?

I just found a fun blog, called How About Orange. I've barely had time to read much, but I've enjoyed what I've found so far. I arrived there via another blog that related back to her fabric. The owner of How About Orange seems so creative and offers a lot of fun things to download from her blog, and other "Time Wasters" as she calls them. One of the time-wasters is a little quiz to help you pinpoint your style. I think you could change your answers based on your mood, so you might take the quiz on different days to see if you really do change your mind. If nothing else, you might learn that you like more styles than you thought. If you find more interesting things on the website, let us know.

OK, now it's back to unpacking and pricing those Christmas ornaments. Check back soon for some preview pictures of our Holiday inventory!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

We have a great variety!

With so much thought going into items for the holidays, it might be nice to see some things that you could use everyday of the week.

Did you notice the upholstered headboard? It's covered in a neutral linen fabric and trimmed in a coordinating twist cord. Very soon we'll have a dustruffle to coordinate which will serve as a great example of custom dustruffle styles. It will show three great pleat ideas---one on each side of the bed. We think actually seeing something in person is the best advertisement. Also on the bed is a variety of pillows we carry and a coverlet from the Chandler Collection. They offer a large assortment of bedding, ottomans, and some lovely smocked curtains. Visit their website for a preview but come by the store to see the actual fabric samples.

Our other bed features a reversible ecru/tan coverlet and matching shams. The large pillow is a custom piece made from the same fabric as the window treatment. The accent of orange is a great punch of color and great for a fall look. Don't limit orange to the fall season, however, it is showing up as an accent year round. Also notice the polka-dot lamp in the foreground. It's one of several we have from the Barbara Cosgrove line of lamps.

This little table wins for the most variety! Although the main theme is for the baby, the lamps and pictures would fit into other areas of your home. The little yellow and white polkadot "suitcase" has a very nice set of baby bath towels.

One more thing that we like to keep on hand at Madison Lane is an assortment of glassware. Many of them are clear, but recently we've added more etched glass. The designs range from damask to botanical patterns. Come by and see the variety!

Friday, October 3, 2008

How to Dress a Window: Finale

As promised, the final results. The golden hued cabinets, accents of cobalt blue glass, and the terra cotta colored tiles on the floor all influenced the choice in fabrics. The treatment was hung as high as we could go to give more height to the shorter window, and to not take away from the view. Out of view is the new light fixture over the kitchen island which also draws your eyes upward and toward the window. A new paint color is being considered for the kitchen---more of a pale golden-yellow.
The addition of placemats from the striped fabric and the blue linen will be the real Finale, and add a real custom look to the kitchen and breakfast area.


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