Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Springtime brings an excuse for gift giving

We all expect to shop for gifts during the Christmas season, but the occasions for gift-giving during the Spring seems to sneak up on us, one event after another.  Most people have at least one graduate to buy for, whether it be from college or from high school.  There's also a good chance you have a wedding or anniversary party during this time of year that requires a special gift.  And if you've made it through these events, you'll may need to start shopping for Mother's Day.

You'll find no less that 20 items to choose from as soon as you walk through the front door.  We'll add the gift wrap or gift bag, and you'll be good to go.  Let us help you find that one special gift.  We'll point out some of the most unique items and tell you who makes them and the story behind them.  It makes giving a gift even more meaningful.

Come by and see our other gift ideas beyond the front door!

Monday, April 18, 2011

We're expecting at Madison Lane Interiors!

Did that get your attention?  Well, it's not a lie, our favorite Mourning Doves are back, and they're expecting two baby birds.  They have a new home, too, if you can call it that.  I'm thinking someone gave up on the idea of building and just found a convenient spot:

 I just don't see a lot of structure in the new build.

  We heard the doves calling each other the last few weeks, and looked out the window towards the trees to see if they found a limb.  You remember last year they were just above the front door (click here if you missed out).   Their newest home was discovered by accident one day when Pam opened the upstairs door to add plants to the wire planter.  She was quite surprised to be face-to-face with Mrs. Dove.

 Here's a picture from last summer showing the proximity of the planter and the door upstairs.  The doves seem so exposed to the elements:  no roof (or even branches) over their head, and we've had some heavy rain storms lately.  Sure wish we had an awning over that door!

To think I thought last years home was a little sloppy, at least there was a little protection, and even a little sparkle here and there!  Here's the old place:

It was a little cramped under the overhang.   Maybe they just want the extra square footage.  Isn't that called "moving up?" 

I think I'd take a well built, smaller home, myself.  How about you?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Who is Mrs. Blandings?

If you are a Carey Grant fan, you have watched "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House" several times by now.  If you haven't watched it but you do enjoy shows on construction and home decor, mixed with comedy and the handsome Carey Grant and lovely Mryna Loy,  then you need to rent this one.  Of course, Mrs. Blandings would be his wife in the movie.  Here's an all time classic clip from the movie:

The "other" Mrs. Blandings is a blog (find it here)  I've followed for about 3 years.  The writer lives in Kansas City, and while I enjoy her updates on the city,  I also feel like we would be friends if she lived in my neck of the woods (Joplin).  Maybe it's also the fact she has sons, loves the world of design and decor (but also doesn't have a degree related to the fact), and seems to have a good sense of humor about all of it.  

This past Friday, Pam and I attended "Lunch with Mrs. Blandings" in KC at the wonderful Webster House (which is one of those places in Kansas City you really need to visit).  The lunch was wonderful, the presentation was informative and fun, and something I'd like to do again (are you listening, Patricia?).  And by the way, her real name is Patricia Shackelford:

 I wish this was a picture with the three of us (Patricia, Pam and Amber), but being the popular person she is, several people were ahead of us in line, so we went on our way.  Maybe next time!  Here's the information about the lunch and seminar from the Webster House website:

Lunch with Mrs. Blandings

Kansas City's very own Mrs. Blandings, whose fresh, insightful, and ever inspiring decor musings can be read at, is making a rare appearance at Webster House.
Celebrate spring with good friends and share in the Patricia's philosophy that life is better well lived. Her seminar will offer common sense lessons in how to transform and renew your home for any and all occasions.
From the Desk of Mrs. Blandings:
Let's face it, you're not going to pass that Pottery Barn coffee table down to your granddaughter. Antiques have staying power for a reason. Come for lunch and let's discuss freshening up faiance, putting a bounce in your Beidemeirer and whether or not Art Deco is due for a revival. The pieces are timeless, it's your perspective that makes them granny or great.
12:00 lunch with seminar beginning at 1:00

If there is another seminar in Mrs. Blandings future, we'll let you know ahead of time.  Then we can get a group picture!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Details of a Master Bedroom: from window coverings to coverlets

Our latest master bedroom project was just completed.  Between back orders and Christmas, our client could have thought it would never happen.  Luckily for us, she is one of the most patient people we know, and never worried that it wouldn't be the bedroom she had been waiting for.

It started with this fabric for the coverlet and shams:

We found the perfect coordinating fabric, a gold, slightly textured poly from Trend Fabrics.  It looks like silk but is so much more durable.  

Then we decided on drapery hardware, something less traditional, like the fabric, but in a forged iron to complement the style of the home.
All of the drapery hardware used in this client's home is from Helser Brothers.  It's not just that they have attractive hardware, but their customer service is great.  They really have a quality product.

Then it was time to send the client a proposal.

 The chair was purchased from us previously.  It's one of Candace Olson's designs from Norwalk Furniture.  The client decided to add a matching ottoman, as you'll notice in the following picture.

It is difficult to get everything thing in one photograph!  One detail about these goblet pleat panels is the way they are hanging off the rings.  We didn't want the gap between the rings and the pleats that is usually there when using rings and pleated panels.  There was very little wall space between the window and crown, and we wanted them to seem as tall as possible.  The pleat was left open in the back a couple of inches so the ring would sit down almost inside the goblet.  It is just a detail that sets custom drapery apart, along with perfect length and perfect proportions!

 The beautiful bedding was made by Anita from Prairie Creations.  The shams are reversible with the gold on the other side as shown in the drawing.  We used a matching blue velvet for a small initial pillow, and a combination of the blue and gold drapery fabric for the larger rectangle pillow, along with two different fringes.  I'm just wishing I could have stood far enough away to get a full view of the room in one photo.  

Another thanks to all our vendors involved:  Helser Brothers, Prairie Creations, Wesco Fabric, Trend Fabric, RM Coco, Kasmir and Norwalk Furniture.  Special thank you to our customer!


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