Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bookcase styling tips

A recent catalog from one of our vendors, Studio A, offered some great suggestions for styling a bookcase.  We do this ourselves for our clients, and have learned many tricks and tips from various showrooms on our trips to market.  However, Studio A was kind enough to put some good basic ideas in print, usually only meant for retailers eyes.........but as a Valentines Day treat we are going to share!

First thing to note here is the use of a textured wallpaper for the background.  This particular grasscloth has an organic feel to it, making it a good background for this client's collection.  By covering most of the books with white paper, the more important books stood out, along with the various glass accessories.

After taking your background into consideration, look at what you have the most of, possibly books, and hopscotch them on alternating shelves from left to right.  Try placing the books in horizontal and vertical positions.  If your collection is another object, like vases for example, the same principle would apply.

 Often smaller pieces of art are lost hanging on a wall, so adding them as background to your bookcase is a great way to add some color, and start the layering process.  Work from the back of the shelf to the front, placing the largest items in back and layer forward with the smaller items so they are all visible.

If you are adding additional hidden storage (and decorative boxes are a popular item right now), make sure they are consistent in look or feel.  Use similar finishes or colors so it doesn't look cluttered.

Notice the collection of metal owls on the shelves in the first picture, we call that a "graphic grouping", since they are "like" items.  By combining the collection you will get more of a visual impact.  The same idea was done with the vases in the top shelf.

Winter is a great time to look over those neglected bookcases!  Go ahead, take everything off those shelves and start "restyling"! 


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