Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Heights for Madison Lane

We did just get back Monday evening from the Dallas Market, but we've also been busy with a few "tall" orders.

 Thank goodness for scaffolding---these windows were 20 feet tall.  Also thank goodness our installer isn't afraid of heights!!!  This heavy duty rod was in three pieces and joined for a seamless look across this 24 ft wide wall.  The drapery panels were constructed with 10" pleats and extra fabric within each pleat to insure they looked full all the way to the floor:

Here's a grainy photo taken from my phone.  We'll show you the updates in the coming weeks, and some better quality photos.  

Thanks to Kasmir fabrics for the fabric and fabrication of the living room draperies, and to Ona Hardware for your knowledge of hardware for our particular situation.  Thanks, also, to our installer, who has to remain nameless in an effort to keep his phone from ringing off the hook!!!


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Jaybird said...

Holy cats!!!! Those are SOME windows!! and here I am moaning and griping because I had to get on the stepladder to put up my new LR, DR and den gals be careful!!!
Have a GREAT fall y'all :^)
Jaybird in Texas


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