Sunday, November 11, 2012

Custom Pillows and their inspiration

Earlier in the week we posted a "review" on Facebook about a decorating book we use for inspiration on a fairly regular basis.  If you missed that post, it was for  Jan Shower's "Glamorous Rooms"

You can purchase it at a local bookstore, or on Amazon.  I wish I could say we had a pile of them in the shop for sale, but we don't!  We have our copy and have used her beautifully photographed rooms to get an idea across to a client on many occasions.  Recently, one of our clients needed throw pillows for her new ivory sofas.  She had looked through "Glamorous Rooms" before, so she knew just what she wanted.

Sofa from Duralee, rug from Surya

With a backdrop of black, grey and white, you really can't go wrong on a color choice.  This sofa got the purple/yellow pillows,

Sofa from Duralee, rug from Surya
and this one has the red/grey pillows.  We are currently having a silver and black contemporary floral fabric made into more pillows to be placed on both sofas.  They will replace the striped and solid black pillows (for now). 

We have plans to use more of Jan's inspiration in another living room----but we'll use a striped pattern for those. I hope you'll visit her blog and website for more ideas on adding just the right "pop" (as we say around here), or glamour to your home.  I am even a follower on Facebook for an extra dose of design inspiration.  Jan has actually replied to a question I posted several months ago!  Wow, social media can be worthwhile!

If you need to add some glamour to your home, we know just where to look for inspiration. We can find your perfect fabric----we have 1000's to choose from!


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