Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to make an inviting entry

The entry into a store needs to have an inviting presence, too!   Were you ready for a post on making your home's entry more welcoming?  That may be a good topic for another day, but at the moment we are being selfish and talking about our own entrance.  

Until the trees and shrubs burst out with their beautiful green leaves, and the threat of freezing temperatures is behind us, we'll have to embellish our building with a little bit of artistry.  The new metal table and chairs are real, and we are hoping to add an outdoor rug to brighten up the area.  With the windy weather we've had lately, any centerpiece for this table better have a brick hidden inside!

What makes you want to step into a retail store?  Does the outside of the building draw you into the inside?  Do you take time to read the words on the windows, or do you look past those into the actual store to make your decision?  Inquiring minds want to know......really.  

Feel free to leave a comment or better yet, come by the shop and tell us what factors make you want to come through the doors!

Monday, March 3, 2014

What is our best selling gift?


Confetti Sphere / Paperweight

Did you guess paperweights?  I would venture to say candles rung a close second, but consistently it's those beautiful pieces of glass you see in various places in our shop.  I'd even tell you they look even more "smashing" under all our halogen pendant lights.  It's more of a jewelry store look for some of our "shiny" pieces.

 Blue Mosaic Sphere / Paperweight

 It might sound simple, but isn't that the best gift?  Something you admire each time you look at it?  Something that can serve a purpose?  Something that doesn't take up a lot of space but is easily placed in a home----from the office desk to the cocktail table in a formal living room.

Teal Explosion Sphere / Paperweight

You might recognize some of the pictures in this blog post----we have had some of these in the past, and some are new to the store.  If you missed it the first time, you'll be glad to know the replacements are on their way, shipping out this week, in fact!

Yellow Flower Sphere / Paperweight 

If you need a specific color, chances are you can find that in the mix.  Besides the multi-colored paperweights, we do have solid colors, clear and some with just a hint of color.

Art Glass Mini Jellyfish set Assorted Colors Glow in the Dark 

The little glow-in-the-dark jellyfish paperweights are small but interesting---especially to the guys!


The clear bubble glass sphere paperweights might just add that little bit of "shine" to your tablescape.  Don't forget to get one for yourself!

We are always on the search for interesting "gift" items.  Keeping small decorative pieces helps make our store look like a home, not a warehouse!

In addition, we want our customers to feel free to come in for many reasons!  Keep checking in, we're adding new inventory to our NEW LARGER FLOORSPACE all the time. 

If you have a suggestion for our gift line, please leave a comment, message us on Facebook, or come by and talk to us about it.  We'd love to have your input.


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