Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to make an inviting entry

The entry into a store needs to have an inviting presence, too!   Were you ready for a post on making your home's entry more welcoming?  That may be a good topic for another day, but at the moment we are being selfish and talking about our own entrance.  

Until the trees and shrubs burst out with their beautiful green leaves, and the threat of freezing temperatures is behind us, we'll have to embellish our building with a little bit of artistry.  The new metal table and chairs are real, and we are hoping to add an outdoor rug to brighten up the area.  With the windy weather we've had lately, any centerpiece for this table better have a brick hidden inside!

What makes you want to step into a retail store?  Does the outside of the building draw you into the inside?  Do you take time to read the words on the windows, or do you look past those into the actual store to make your decision?  Inquiring minds want to know......really.  

Feel free to leave a comment or better yet, come by the shop and tell us what factors make you want to come through the doors!

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Jaybird said...

I do look over all of the windows before I go into a store that sells "goodies". I love an entry that has urns or pots of flowers. I think the table and chairs are great, because persons such as myself, would deposit a hubster there!! Otherwise, I would never get a chance to look at the "goodies". If you were to put a coffee pot and a cookie out there, he might move in :^)
Things are looking pretty good, now if spring would just show up at your door, you could hang a wreath on the glass and be all kinds of fancy:^)
Blessings to you two...I hope everything is going great!!


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