Thursday, June 4, 2020

2 Years later.......some things are still the same, but not exactly!

We didn't go anywhere since we last talked, but maybe the "quick" posts to Facebook and Instagram has been too easy!  And there are no promises how frequent we can keep up on the blog......

Looking back through some old posts, it was easy to see how there is a lot of good information on here!!!  Of course, MLI knows that, but in case you don't, cruise through some topics you find of interest and just see what bit of information you find!

If we don't have new items every time you come by, we probably have new "vignettes", which sometimes can make things seem new.  Many people have pointed and said "I've not seen that vase before", only to learn it was shown with different surroundings or colors.  We try to pass those tidbits on to our customers when they make a purchase.....there should be more than one way to display or use your decor.

A quick example in versatility........These green "vases" were actually purchased as candle holders!


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