Saturday, May 17, 2014

Another update: The family room before and after

 Our "before and after" photos are some of the most popular posts, according to Blogger's statistics.  I have to agree that it's hard to beat a good "before and after" when scanning any magazine or blog.  In fact, there are entire blogs devoted to it!

So here's one of our favorite family room updates.  I don't have good photos of the opposite walls, but there were tremendous changes to them as well.  A couple of  major changes in this shot is the track lighting changed to recessed lighting, the oak trim is painted a creamy white, and the dark murky colors are exchanged for a fresher palate.

While you study the before, you probably cannot see that these walls had a faux paint technique applied to them in the "before".  The color wasn't quite hitting the mark in this room---it was coming across as too chalky and a bit too taupe for the warm color in the tile.  Finding just the right paint color to unify the floor with the walls, and then accenting with the "right white" on the trim got the ball rolling in the right direction.  Adding the mix of fabrics and colors is much easier when the groundwork is done as a total game plan!


The fabric in these Norwalk sofas is actually a little more gold than the photograph is showing, and has more texture to it.  The green herringbone fabric on the ottoman/cocktail table adds a punch of color without being too dramatic.  It has more of a comfortable feel to it with the patterned  solid fabric and the aged brass nailheads around the sides.  This great piece of furniture, from Hickory Chair, also serves as extra seating when this large family gets together.  The green glass of the lamps is a nice bit of reflective material that adds a touch of sparkle to the room.  The shades are almost a burlap type of fabric, giving these lamps a more casual feel.
 The side tables, also from Hickory Chair, are a timeless style that will serve the owners through the next update-----and the next.......You get the idea.  If you're lucky enough to have the room, invest in side tables with a little more size to them than you might have had in the past.  They really fill in the corners so nicely in this room and help square up the other sofa to make a nice conversation area.

We'll discuss some of the other details in another post----and hopefully with some closeups of the window treatments and how they were hung.

If your family room isn't quite what you want it to be, come by and let us help you get started with your "before and after" story.


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