Saturday, November 15, 2014

The joy of pillows

One of our more popular photos on Facebook was the one above.  Who doesn't love a big leather sectional (if you have the space for it).  Our client already owned the sofa, but something just never seemed finished.  She opted for some color changes in her living room, and purchased the Hickory Chair ottoman.  Now, how to add the dark blue with some aqua and not look disjointed.......sounds like a job for some oversized throw pillows.

Aqua velvet for a softer texture

Smaller scale plaid with a navy and a small stripe of the aqua

Large scale plaid with brown, navy and aqua

Now that our fabrics are chosen, deciding on the appropriate sizes was another important factor.  The large sectional needed larger than normal pillows to take up more space, and add a sense of coziness.  It was decided that 22" would be a good size for this particular sofa, and since there was enough room to spread them out, we had them all done in the same size.  If your sofa is smaller, you might need to do a couple of sizes so when the pillows are pushed together, you can still see the ones behind the front pillow (stair-step sizes).

  The client had a large rectangular pillow purchased that would look great right in the middle!  Now, go back and look at the photo--can you imagine that sofa without the throw pillows? 

Changing the look of a room is as easy as throwing a few new pillows in the mix.  Whether they are custom made or from our ready-made pillows, enjoy the quick and easy decorative changes you can make with pillows!


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