Sunday, October 9, 2011

200th post! Let's talk about Furniture

From the Candice Olson design gallery

 During this time of Joplin's rebuilding and remodeling, we are finding ourselves involved with clients in all  phases of putting their lives back together.  Some people were able to find houses immediately after the tornado, some needed to remodel what was left, and others are still deciding on house plans.  Norwalk, our largest vendor for upholstered furniture, has been a great resource for refurnishing these homes.

From the Candice Olson design gallery

With over 850 fabrics and leathers to choose from, we are able to help our clients create a look that is unique and a reflection of their style.  Many people are not only choosing furniture, but everything from paint colors, rugs, lamps and the entire layout.  It is extremely overwhelming to do this while still filling out insurance forms.  We have been able to help our clients keep track of their choices and coordinate their new home during this overwhelming time.

The Marlo Chair, one of our favorites!

If you are furnishing your home, from top to bottom, or simply need a new chair to fit into your current decor, come by Madison Lane Interiors and let us show you how we can help.  You'll find several pieces of Norwalk furniture on the floor for purchase and all 800+  fabrics to order a custom piece.

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