Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dining Room Drapery: Choosing the fabric

Here's the "naked" dining room, or to some people it is! Maybe saying it's "undressed" is a better term. It really is a lovely home, with beautiful red walls in the dining room, wonderful tall window, and is open to the living room which is painted a khaki tan (not officially the name). Other decor in the room is an antique hutch which is more medium in color as is the rest of the wood. The request of the client is the need for some sun control during holidays dinners, which she serves in the formal dining room. Total blackout is not need, but something to take the glare off. The only other request was that it not be mounted inside the window frame.

Rendering #1
Do you like fabric with a darker background?

Rendering #2
Or, do you prefer the lighter background?

The drapery will extend past the window frame so the view will remain intact. The hardware will be an iron rod/rings/finials, and the color chosen will be a close match to the light fixture. We are deciding on the fabric, which has been narrowed down to some beautiful paisley prints. Some have creamy background, while several have more brown tones for the background color.

We sent the top contenders home with the client to view in all hours of the day (and requested that she keep them until the sun shines again!). The next step will be choosing a coordinating fabric to cover the dining room chair seats and for the window treatments we want to add to the living room.

OK, have you made a decision? Feel free to leave your ideas and comments. We'll keep you posted on the outcome.


Jaybird said...

Darker for sure!! It is a beautiful room, made more beautiful by the darker drapes. The lighter ones just jar my "sensibilities" :^)

Madison Lane said...

You are right---as were others we talked to. The client chose the darker color (actually a prettier version of the fabric in the rendering). Can't wait to show it when we are all finished.


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