Monday, March 21, 2016

The price of decorating

Most people have a budget when it comes to decorating their home.  However, that shouldn't mean you cannot find those extra items that make your home reflect your personality.  We work hard to find something from all price ranges.   Here are some actual examples of our current shop inventory:

 Something as simple as this scented flower diffuser is a great decorative piece and doubles as a room freshner......$22.00!

 If you have a chair or sofa that needs a change, everyone knows pillows are the quickest and easiest thing to add.  These monochromatic pillows all have embroidery or some special feature, but their prices range from $42 (for down filled) all the way up to $242!  Wow, how can they be so different?  All we can say is look for yourself, you might not be able to guess, or you might know immediately.  It's a good example of our varied price ranges.

You might already have a vase that just needs a touch of spring, so adding a $5.00 stem might take care of that.  Or adding a bright yellow smaller piece, like the one on the right, might be all your coffee table needs to look brighter....$15.00.

These vases range from $14 to $125 each.  If you just need a little added color or you need a special piece for your antique china cabinet, you are likely to find it at MLI.  One of our more popular items are our paperweights, with many of them at $12 each and we often are able to carry some for only $6 (of course they sell out the fastest!).

Don't let looks be deceiving when it comes to prices, come by and see for yourself!


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