Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Justice Furniture Market, Part I

Lucky for us this year Justice Furniture held their yearly market at the Chateau on the Lake, in Branson, Missouri. The hotel was beautiful and really had a nice showroom for their furniture. There were several new pieces and great new fabrics. We were even more lucky to be joined by a client who was able to try out all the furniture before choosing her favorites. Believe it or not, we knew which ones she'd like!

Here's a new sofa with a lower back and sloped arms. It's a smaller profile sofa meant for a smaller room. Below is the same sofa but stretched out into what we call a conversation sofa.

This small version of the conversation sofa was new. The square ottoman looked so fresh in the new contemporary fabric. It really was comfy.

Here's the regular sized conversation sofa with a skirt and a more formal fabric.

Now it doesn't have a skirt it is paired with a shaped ottoman.

Sectionals are a popular choice for family rooms. This one is skirted.

Here's a more casual version of the sectional without the skirt. The large square ottoman can be extra seating or a coffee table if you place a tray on top.

We've got more to show you in the coming days!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pleasures of the Porch

Remember the fabric and the potting bench? Put them together and they become a server. With ice added to the tub, you've got a great place to cool beverages. Some potting benches may have additional shelving that could hold more glassware and dishes. Keep your extra supplies behind the cafe curtains and you won't have to worry about running into the house for more! The fabric is from Carole Fabrics, and the custom cut hardware is from Endisco.

Walking around the corner of this particular porch, you'll find a nice place to relax with that drink you just poured. The rug under the furniture is an indoor/outdoor area rug from Surya. They have a large assortment of rugs, from wool to polypropylene, contemporary to traditional.

Here's a closeup from the front porch. These pillows are from Dash and Albert. You might be familiar with their rugs, but they also have some great pillows, throws and tote bags. If you're a dog lover, you'll love their website. They always feature their pooches in their ads, which makes us all ooh and aah.

We will soon be the area dealer for Dash and Albert. If you see something you like, come by and see us. We have several things in house and we will also be carrying their full line of rug samples. No more guesswork on matching your decor! There will be much more to tell you about in the near future. If you think their things look familiar, you've probably seen them in some of the magazines you read. Their great colors and classic patterns really draw you in--along with their dogs.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Attention "getters"

Here's a picture from last year, not much different on the front except we are using holly bushes instead of the blooming flowers (they never did bloom!).

So here's a shot from this afternoon. The squirrels have been storing their nuts in the pots and we usually have dirt to sweep away nearly every day.

We decided the east side of the building needed some pizzaz! Our favorite graphic artist, Rodney Hobart, made the canvas sign and hung it! A lot of people are still curious about what we have inside the store, so we thought we'd spell it out for them.

And some days the "Open" sign is flying in the wind.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Nothing like a fresh coat of paint

Green and Turquoise, new colors inside MLI!

If you wondered where we've been, you could have found us this weekend behind paint brushes and putty knives. The shop is sporting a new look! Besides moving the furniture around we added two new bright colors to the walls. The new paint color above really makes one take notice of anything in the store with green in it!

The new blue is actually more of a turquoise. Although we originally liked the pale blue, it was cold on this cement wall and didn't add the warmth it needed for the dark stained hutch. In a couple of weeks we are adding a railing just below the ceiling that will enable us to hang pictures in all those bare spaces you are now looking at. We've just never been able to use that area for picture display and that's what it needs. The cement gives a nice texture but was not user friendly!

After some minor adjustments of the lighting on Monday, we'll be ready to sit back and enjoy the new backdrop. Hopefully it'll show off some of our inventory in a new way.

If the sun shines again, we'll show you what's happening on the outside of the building.


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