Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Justice Furniture Market, Part I

Lucky for us this year Justice Furniture held their yearly market at the Chateau on the Lake, in Branson, Missouri. The hotel was beautiful and really had a nice showroom for their furniture. There were several new pieces and great new fabrics. We were even more lucky to be joined by a client who was able to try out all the furniture before choosing her favorites. Believe it or not, we knew which ones she'd like!

Here's a new sofa with a lower back and sloped arms. It's a smaller profile sofa meant for a smaller room. Below is the same sofa but stretched out into what we call a conversation sofa.

This small version of the conversation sofa was new. The square ottoman looked so fresh in the new contemporary fabric. It really was comfy.

Here's the regular sized conversation sofa with a skirt and a more formal fabric.

Now it doesn't have a skirt it is paired with a shaped ottoman.

Sectionals are a popular choice for family rooms. This one is skirted.

Here's a more casual version of the sectional without the skirt. The large square ottoman can be extra seating or a coffee table if you place a tray on top.

We've got more to show you in the coming days!

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