Monday, May 11, 2009

Attention "getters"

Here's a picture from last year, not much different on the front except we are using holly bushes instead of the blooming flowers (they never did bloom!).

So here's a shot from this afternoon. The squirrels have been storing their nuts in the pots and we usually have dirt to sweep away nearly every day.

We decided the east side of the building needed some pizzaz! Our favorite graphic artist, Rodney Hobart, made the canvas sign and hung it! A lot of people are still curious about what we have inside the store, so we thought we'd spell it out for them.

And some days the "Open" sign is flying in the wind.

1 comment:

gina said...

Hi I just wanted to say I have enjoyed myself exploring your beautiful blog and I love what you have done for your new look at your store. Also I love love love your logo (tree) I am a huge fan of "The Arts and Crafts movement" William Morris is A+ in my book. Not a lot of people understand or take time to truly appreciate it.and of course the added touch of his great words on your wall.I have left other comments on your posts please go back and look. Great Job!


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