Friday, November 28, 2008

Sunny days are ahead . . .

We know, there's no red or green, or even gold or silver. But just for a moment, think about your home and how you want it to look for 2009. Are your window treatments out of date? Is it time for an update? Are your pillows tired and need replaced? Would a new area rug feel nice and look nice under your feet?
It's the Holiday season, but it is also that time of year when the skies are gray and the trees are bare. It is also an uncomfortable time economically, too. Every purchase is given a great deal of thought, and we think planning for the new year is very important. Good decorating is done one step at a time. Window treatments can play a big part in insulating your home, as well as being decorative. Come by and let us help you plan your home decor purchases for the new year.

PS. Gift certificates are available! Do we need to tell that significant other?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jolly Folk

If these little guys don't make you smile, I don't know what will! We are so glad one of our area's local artist is allowing us to showcase her Holiday collection of "Jolly Folk". Each one is a handmade paper mache' original. I'll introduce you to them all:
"Sweetie" and "Blue Snowman"

"Candy Man" and Merry Merry" Snowman

"Steppin' Out Santa"

"Tree in Hand" Santa, "Chimney Sweep" Snowman, and "Deck the Halls" Santa

"Joy" and "Jack the Juggler" with "Snowflake" and "Snowball" in the background.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas Open House 2008

We have silver and gold votive holders and larger candle holders. They are a quick way to add some glitz to your Holiday centerpieces.

And for the nature lovers we have more Havelka Botanicals in the shop! Top off with the Essential Oil spray in a Christmas scent and your centerpiece will smell as good as it looks!

How about putting those glass Christmas ornaments in a safer place this year----if you don't have a lovely glass container, we do! And if you don't have glass ornaments, we have many colors to choose from.

New bedding would be a great gift to yourself! We have everything from the fitted sheets to the dust ruffle, in stock! If you remember a few posts ago, we showed you the newest bedding made from bamboo. The bedding shown is actually 300 thread count cotton sateen. It's very soft and luxurious.

Windows deserve some Holiday cheer, too. We think the red mixed with black and white is a fresh idea for Christmas decor.

Look closely at the white ginger jars---they hold the great smelling rose hips (from our Judy Havelka botanicals).

You know we love these ornaments from Kitras Art Glass. We have two sizes of the ornaments. They also come as oil lamps.

See our Open House hours on the main page of the blog. Come by and enjoy spiced cider and cookies!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sneak Peak

We've still got a lot to do, but we did get a couple of vignettes set up last week. The door leaning on the cement block wall allowed us to hang one of our Christmas door decorations and display some of the greenery. Did you notice all the boxes under the hutch? They are battery operated candles. Some of them are even operated with a remote control! They are selling fast, so we did order a few more to get here this week. The remote is great for the candles placed too high to reach. We have several styles and sizes.

I wish the camera took better pictures of these glass ornaments. They are just beautiful! We have several colors available. You probably can't see the little bird ornaments on the tree and by the window. Their bright colors look wonderful with all the glass.

By the end of the week it'll all be in place. I'll get a few more pictures posted later, but remember it all looks best in person!


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