Monday, November 30, 2015

Introducing another furniture line: Precedent

Although we won't have the new pieces of furniture in the store, we do want to let you know ahead of time that we will be representing another line of American made furniture.  Precedent offers a variety of seat depths in many styles, making it so much easier to find "just the right size".

 For over 30 yrs, every piece of Precedent upholstered furniture has been meticulously and sustainably crafted for exceptional value.  They offer over 500 fabrics to choose from, several finishes for no extra charge, custom styling, and the very best cushions for each frame, ensuring that each piece is as comfortable as it is stylish.

 The styling on many pieces of Precedent furniture tends to be cleaner lines, less fuss but very "on trend".  We sat in every piece in the showroom when we visited the showroom in High Point and can honestly say they were all comfortable.  Of course we had our favorites, and we did take notes so we can tell you all about them!

OK, what kind of prices are you talking about, you might be saying by now.  Precedent is considered a mid-range priced furniture.  You will be very pleased in the pricing, as we were!  

 The sofa/chaise shown in the above photo will be one of the pieces we are getting with our first order.  We were impressed with a chaise than can be switched to the other side, and not fixed on only one side forever.  This was always something to consider when buying such a set up, and moving to another house which might not allow a right side chaise/sofa.  Another plus is the ability to switch cushions to reduce wear on just one all the time.

 Precedent also offers customized beds, available as full beds or headboards only.  The shapes and heights, styles and fabrics are all up to you.  

 Stop by and look through the catalog or visit the Precedent website.


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