Friday, July 29, 2011

Yard Sale this Saturday, 9:00 - 1:00


If you've driven by the shop, you've seen the sign.  We like having the yard sale in June, but there were other things to be done at that time!  Now that we've been to market, both been on vacation, painted inside the shop and rearranged the floor, it's time to weed out the "spares".  Rain looks doubtful, but if it happens, we'll just put the tables inside the store.  I'm betting you'll see our tables set up outside!  There will be 50% discounts as well as 75% discounts.  Inside the shop you will find a few larger pieces on sale, too!  We're making room for the new items coming each week, although some have sold as fast as we unpacked them.  

Hope to see you at the Yard Sale!

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Surya Rugs: some things were never made in the USA

As much as we appreciate our "made in the USA" products, we also appreciate those that are made by the artisans in other countries.  I'm referring to our rugs from Surya.  Watch the video of the artists at work.  

Come in to see our samples of Surya Rugs.  You'll find a wide range of styles and prices available!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pebblehill Designs: great looking furniture, made in the USA

Our newest furniture company, Pebblehill Designs, is a family owned business (sisters), and made in the USA.   They have wonderful parsons chairs with a variety of legs available, even acrylic!  We had a great time placing our order with Teena, and felt lucky to talk with her about their business.  They were very busy, and it was easy to see why.

 We'll be getting several pieces of their furniture, along with samples of their fabrics.  They use a lot of soft, neutral colors---and a variety of textures.  You'll even find Sunbrella fabrics in their collection.  Sunbrella is suitable for outdoor furniture, so that gives you an idea of how durable it is!

 We didn't order the acrylic legs for now, but they are pretty cool, huh?  We'll have a good selection in the shop which will make custom orders easier.  

 Checkout the embroidery detail on the parsons chair and the double skirt.  Nice details!

 We will have this one, just as you see it here.  It's nice to show a little leg!

 Believe it or not, barstools have been one of the most difficult things to find at market!  Not anymore.  This one is so comfortable, too.  Sunbrella fabric would be great for this one.

 This chair reminds me of the fan back chairs I'm always seeing at auctions, but with an updated look.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates on our market purchases.  They'll start coming in just a couple more weeks, and we'll keep you posted!


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