Friday, August 15, 2014

Need another reason for a custom sized sofa?

Not every home is a standard size.  Some have smaller rooms and lower ceilings, often referred to as a cottage.  Others have soaring ceilings, oversized windows and a two story fireplace!  If you live in one of the extremes, chances are you have had difficulty finding furniture to fit your home.

Jules Sofa from Hickory Chair

We are just getting started on this living room decor, but from the photo you might think this lovely sofa is a regular size of 83" (a typical length).  However, it's a full 109", made to our exact request by Hickory Chair.  If you could see the oversized kitchen counter in the background, you'd really notice that anything of "standard" size in this living room would be off.  Having an unbalanced room might not be obvious on first look, but it's that nagging thought of "what's wrong with this room, I can't get it to look right" that keeps you scratching your head.

There's much more to talk about when looking for a sofa----color, fabric texture, nailheads or not, contrast cording or not, comfort and cushions----along with the actual dimensions.  Even the so-called standard sized sofas can be wrong for your standard sized room.  Many people assume that and sofa will work, only to see it in their home and realize it is not in proportion to their coffee table or side tables.

Don't spend your time and money working around bad proportions. We can explain all the options to you and find the perfect fit for your home. You might not need a custom sized sofa, but finding the right "standard" sized furniture is an important part of decorating your home.


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