Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vignettes--it's the little things that make a difference

Filling in those odd spaces in an entry, accessorizing a large wall---these could all be looked at as a vignette.  Wikipedia's definition:  vignette is a short impressionistic scene.  I think the following photos would qualify.

The "old" entry wasn't a bad look, but the tiny table and lamp just wasn't quite enough for this area.  There was also a smaller chair, not visible in the photo, but the height was not enough for such a tall staircase.  The new chair is taller than the average chair, and upholstered in a linen-like fabric that has a little bling/sparkle to it.  The pillow has the silhouette of a deer head woven in, which is a great compliment to the bronze deer on the cabinet.  The mirrored drawer fronts and side panels on the cabinet add to the sparkle in this foyer, and almost takes up less space because of the reflective qualities.  That great looking lamp is from Robert Abbey, one of our favorite companies for lighting.

This large wall was the first thing you see through the open bedroom door.  Why not treat the doorway as a frame around a lovely vignette?  It draws you on into the room, and the added upholstery makes you want to take a seat and read a book!  We have found that building a vignette with just art and a table can nearly always benefit from an upholstered piece.  The patterned chair and ottoman added a nice touch to the otherwise neutral bedroom, and the punch of the deep orange color completed the look.

Do you have a boring entry or wall in your home?  Is it time to update a few of your vignettes?  Let us know how we can help.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Candice Olson discusses wallpaper

You've been asking and we were listening.  We have added to our library of wallpaper choices!  You'll find a range of styles from contemporary to traditional.  Some of our favorites are from Candice Olson's collection.  Here's a short video of Candice talking about the popularity of wallpaper in today's home decor:

Come by and take a look through our beautiful new books.  Wallpaper might be just the fix for that "boring" room!


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