Sunday, August 28, 2011

Drapery hardware choices for a formal dining room

A common question we get from our customers:  "Is brass considered 'out of style'"?  Or, "I can't afford to replace my light fixtures for a more updated look".  Many people are changing window treatments, peeling off the wallpaper, or just repainting for a fresh look.  How do you blend the new with the "old"?

This freshly painted dining room had all the elements of a beautiful room---except for the window treatments.  The beautiful light fixture was more of a brass/golden color and other pieces in the room were more of an oil-rubbed-bronze color, or an antique gold finish.  The client had decided on a fabric for the drapery, the style of the hardware but not the finish.
Helser Brother's "Crown" finish

After looking through our Helser Brother's hardware samples, the above hardware finish seemed a perfect choice.  With the other dark brown finishes in the room and the gold-toned chandelier, the drapery hardware would seem to be a combination of them all.  It also has a slight shine to it which would be a nice contrast to our fabric choice.  The client chose a simple ball finial on a smaller diameter rod for a simple profile--we liked her way of thinking!  The beautiful room really didn't need any new architectural elements introduced.

 The fabric color is nearly a perfect match to the paint color in the adjoining living room.  The texture of the fabric (which you just can't see in the pictures, sorry) was important in this room with the heavy wooden furniture, tall ceilings and bronze decorating pieces.  A light weight fabric would not have given the serious look we were going for in this dining room.  Color is not the only factor taken into consideration when choosing the right drapery fabric.

Here's a closeup of the rod and rings.
Thanks to RM CoCo for fabricating the drapery panels and to Helser Brothers for providing great hardware.   
 Let us help you find the perfect blend of finishes for your next project.  You might decide to keep that brass light fixture after all!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Lili Alessandra---beautiful bedding can be washable!

You'll love the feel of our latest bedding line, Lili Alessandra.  Our bed is currently covered in one of the washable fabrics.  While we have several pieces in the shop, we've already sold part of the bedding, so enjoy the catalog pictures I'm posting for your preview:

 The tote bags with the quilted coverlet and shams will be in the shop very soon.  It's a great basic bedding look---very elegant but comfy at the same time. You will want to add one of the beautiful Lili Alessandra pillows to finish it off!

 These washable bedding pieces are considered "stocked" items, so special orders should only take a couple of weeks to come in.

 Although not considered "washable", the drapery panels are just as beautiful and very well constructed.  We were definitely impressed with the fact that they are interlined!  We've got one on order to show-off in the shop.  However, this item and some of the other fabrics are not "stocked", so expect to wait a few weeks!
 You won't believe the beautiful pillows available from Lili Alessandra.  The colors range from neutral linens, soft blue, and a knockout deep purple!  We've got some real bling for your bed!


Come by and "feel" this bedding for yourself.  

Thanks to our rep, Susan, for our her so-called "dog and pony show".  We call it continuing education!  

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lamps, Lamps, and more Lamps

Here's a preview of some of the lamps you'll find in the shop.  Our newest vendor, Lamp Works, had a beautiful display of their lamps at the Dallas Market.  We kept going back to look, and before we knew it, wrote and order . . . then went back and added to that order . . . .then called them in a few more days to add another lamp!  Along with these, you'll see at least a dozen more new lamps from other vendors.  We have quite a selection in house!  You'll have to come in to see the new displays, new wall color, and the latest pieces of furniture. 

Seeded Glass     

Recycled Glass
Solid Wood

Recycled Glass

Lamps are more than just for lighting---they can be a thing of beauty on their own.  Add something special to your home.


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