Monday, August 17, 2015

Decorating for over a century?

The room on the left is from a home built over a century ago, room on the right was finished this summer.
Of course we haven't been around for 100 yrs, but some of the homes we have done work in have been here for more than a century.  Looking at our last 2 installations, I realize there is about 120 yrs difference in age between the two homes!

I think that says a lot about our "style" of decorating:  it should be appropriate for the home and the homeowner.  We always work WITH our clients as much as FOR them.  Although many people might say "I wish you would just decorate my home" we know they really don't mean it....entirely.  Everyone should live in a home that reflects their likes and feel comfortable and inviting.  Our homes are an extension of ourselves, but we can't always find all the finishing touches, or achieve the look we want without some additional input.  It's difficult to look at our personal belongings with an objective eye, and that's where a decorator comes in handy.

Lace curtains are appropriate for this historic home

If you live in a new home or a historic home, or something in between, we can be of assistance.  We have access to many of the difficult to find details, such as the drapery hardware we used in the photos above.  You probably can't find them on-the-shelf.

Stop by Madison Lane Interiors to discuss your specific needs in your home. We have decorating ability that spans over 100 yrs!


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