Saturday, May 30, 2015

How many drapery panels do you need?

We recently finished a living room drapery project that involved a large double window, which was flanked by a door and a built-in cabinet.  Privacy was already taken care of, but the need for color and balance to the room was the next issue.  I'm showing the photo in black and white to emphasize the balance the height of the drapes/rod gave to this focal wall.

 I called this wall a "focal wall" because it's what you see as soon as you enter the home.  Where do your eyes go at first glance?  Mine went all around the room, looking for the one area that was wanting to stand out.  The left side has a fireplace and shelving, which is lovely on it's own, and the right side is the kitchen.  We are left with the central area that was not getting the "pulled together" look it was lacking.

After restyling the shelves with accents of bright greens/citron, shades of teal and a touch of orange, we knew we needed a fabric with some strong color, but not in-you-face color.

The picture doesn't do much justice to the beautiful colors of the fabric.  The touches of color in the nature inspired print actually appear to be painted.  It was easily the favorite as soon as we saw it.

Looking at the before photo, you can see that three panels were what we needed for this particular room.  Here are the reasons:  
     1.  Color was needed behind the sofa.
     2.  Hides the strip of drywall separating the windows---2 panels would have left us staring at 
           the gap between the windows.
     3.  Two panels would require more fullness in each of them for better balance, and 
           having too much fullness by the shelves and door was not a good idea.  Three single
            width panels give the added fullness to break up the rod expanse.

We love the final results!

We are currently working on another project, but I can give you a peek into the renderings we have shown the client.

The client is liking the photo with the four panels.  These will be operational, as well.  The rod we have chosen is a decorative traverse, and is NOT cord driven, so the drapery will be able to traverse as desired by using a baton/wand.  Yes, that is available as one of the specialized items we are able to offer our customers. 

Madison Lane Interiors would love to help you choose your next window treatment.


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