Friday, June 3, 2022

New location.......yes, again!!!

Our new location!!

 Yes, we have relocated to 2203 East 32nd Street, Suite A, in Joplin, Missouri.  For those keeping count, this is the 4th location.  Each time we have had more than one reason to make the move.  For this relocation we went in looking for easy off loading of furniture and large items, which makes having a good parking lot a "must".  We have found that, and more, with this beautiful space!  It's not too big or too small, but "just right"!  

Fabric and Wallpaper

We have a great room with all our fabric samples.....and wallpaper!!  Such easy access to everything, making our job of finding just the right color and/or pattern even easier.  

The showroom/retail floor is just large enough to see everything, but not so small that you are afraid to turn around! We have easy access to rug samples, as well.  

Why not update more on the blog.....?????  Facebook is too easy and very fast!  We also use Instagram for many of our photos, and is a quick way to peek in at what is going on.  We are able to update our customers quickly and you are able to respond quickly on FB, so that will still be recommended as the "go to" for staying current.  Phone calls are always welcome!


Hours are still Tuesday thru Friday, and if you are traveling from out of town, feel free to call ahead.  We are sometimes in late or leaving early for appointments with our clients!  But stopping by and visiting in person is still the best way to get started on your next project.  

We still carry gift items:  Trapp candles, Beatriz Ball serviceware, vases, candlesticks, etc.  We can wrap or bag your gift, and you will find cards in the shop, saving you an extra stop!


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