Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is this your house? Aftermath of the Joplin Tornado.

No, I'm  not trying to be funny.  This is my mother's house, and Pam's parent's house looks very similar, only a few red bricks in the mix and a different wrecked car.  We've been preoccupied since this happened, a week ago today.  However, we want to see our town, Joplin, Missouri, come to life again.  If that "show me" attitude is really what I think it is, then I believe we'll be better than ever, and Joplin will be a shining example of what happens when "good people" pull together and help their neighbor.
We'll be busy putting out family back to normal, but we'll be in the shop, ready to help anyone who is lucky enough to find a house or able to repair the one they have. 

Come by and visit, we want to hear your "tornado story", and we want to help you put your life back in order.  

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring update from Clarke and Clarke fabric

We've posted about Clarke and Clarke before.   If you  missed it, you can find it here.  A couple of weeks ago we got a box of their newest books, and it felt like Christmas and Spring wrapped into one!  The colors are so vibrant and cheerful that you really can't pick one favorite!
The small book of linen sheers just doesn't do the fabric justice, you need to see the larger picture:

I snapped some photos of the fabrics just to give you an idea of the clean lined patterns and clean colors.  If you like more muted tones, these might not be for you.  However, there are some heavily textured solid fabrics that would be great for upholstery or pillows, and they do have some more subtle colors. 
Here's the mix of books:

The next two photos show a "pocket weave" fabric.  The Clarke and Clarke website shows them being used for upholstery and drapery.

The cottons have almost a retro feel to them.  They mix enough colors together you're likely to find one of your favorites!

If you aren't into the retro feel, there are some other traditional prints, but with more updated colors.  Aqua and other blue tones are very strong this spring, which means there's a lot for  you to choose from!

Because of the cotton shortage last year, fabric prices are noticeably more since January.   That makes each choice even more important and most likely something you'll keep for awhile.  Come by and let us show you a quality fabric, and the newest designs. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Madison Lane is attending Hunter Douglas continuing education

We won't be in the shop this Thursday!   Every year our primary vendor for blinds and shades, Lafayette Interior Fashions offers a day of continuing education for their products and Hunter Douglas products.  The company actually listens to the customer, and continually updates/improves/changes their product line.  We want to know all of these changes, whether it's just a small bracket or a completely new headrail.  Every window is different and  knowing how the shade or blind will be installed is part of getting the customer what they want and need.  On the fashion side, we also need to see the newest colors and fabrics available for each product. 

Here's some of our most popular products from Hunter Douglas:

Nantucket Window shades

Featuring fabric vanes suspended between two
sheer fabric facings, Nantucket™ window
shadings transform natural light entering a room
into a warm glow while also blocking harmful UV
rays. When raised, the shadings disappear into
the headrail for an unobstructed view and are
available in a wide selection of casual fabrics

Vignette Roman Shades
Vignette® Modern Roman Shades offer fresh,
contemporary fabrics and colors in a wide
selection of fold sizes, styles and design options
to dress almost any window you can imagine.
Vignette shades roll up or stack and they
traverse side to side to cover wide windows and
doors. All options are made from the same
stunning fabrics for ultimate coordination and
child safety.

Duette Shades

The Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shade
Collection provides a high level of energy
efficiency with its innovative honeycomb-withina-
honeycomb design, reducing energy loss up
to 50% at the window. New to Architella is the
revolutionary IllumiCell™ - a clear inner cell that
offers superior light transmission with the same
energy savings as a fabric inner cell.

Silhouette Window Shades

Featuring the Signature S-Vane™, Silhouette®
window shadings transform sunlight into
remarkable beauty. Suspended between two
sheers, the fabric vanes offer precise lighting
control. When fully raised, Silhouette shadings
disappear into the fabric-covered headrail.
Available in 2", 3" and the Quartette® 4" vane

Be sure to visit the Hunter Douglas website for additional information and more pictures of their products.


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