Friday, June 3, 2022

New location.......yes, again!!!

Our new location!!

 Yes, we have relocated to 2203 East 32nd Street, Suite A, in Joplin, Missouri.  For those keeping count, this is the 4th location.  Each time we have had more than one reason to make the move.  For this relocation we went in looking for easy off loading of furniture and large items, which makes having a good parking lot a "must".  We have found that, and more, with this beautiful space!  It's not too big or too small, but "just right"!  

Fabric and Wallpaper

We have a great room with all our fabric samples.....and wallpaper!!  Such easy access to everything, making our job of finding just the right color and/or pattern even easier.  

The showroom/retail floor is just large enough to see everything, but not so small that you are afraid to turn around! We have easy access to rug samples, as well.  

Why not update more on the blog.....?????  Facebook is too easy and very fast!  We also use Instagram for many of our photos, and is a quick way to peek in at what is going on.  We are able to update our customers quickly and you are able to respond quickly on FB, so that will still be recommended as the "go to" for staying current.  Phone calls are always welcome!


Hours are still Tuesday thru Friday, and if you are traveling from out of town, feel free to call ahead.  We are sometimes in late or leaving early for appointments with our clients!  But stopping by and visiting in person is still the best way to get started on your next project.  

We still carry gift items:  Trapp candles, Beatriz Ball serviceware, vases, candlesticks, etc.  We can wrap or bag your gift, and you will find cards in the shop, saving you an extra stop!

Thursday, June 4, 2020

2 Years later.......some things are still the same, but not exactly!

We didn't go anywhere since we last talked, but maybe the "quick" posts to Facebook and Instagram has been too easy!  And there are no promises how frequent we can keep up on the blog......

Looking back through some old posts, it was easy to see how there is a lot of good information on here!!!  Of course, MLI knows that, but in case you don't, cruise through some topics you find of interest and just see what bit of information you find!

If we don't have new items every time you come by, we probably have new "vignettes", which sometimes can make things seem new.  Many people have pointed and said "I've not seen that vase before", only to learn it was shown with different surroundings or colors.  We try to pass those tidbits on to our customers when they make a purchase.....there should be more than one way to display or use your decor.

A quick example in versatility........These green "vases" were actually purchased as candle holders!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Bay window dilema

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful wall of windows, or a "bay window", there is a good chance you are having a difficult time "treating"  it.  We recently encountered a large bay that had previously been treated as 5 individual windows (that means, 5 individual rods with 5 separate drapery pairs).  I wish we had that before photo, but the client cleared it away before we arrived!

If you are doing the math, you can see that this is well over 200" of windows.  The wall isn't actually curved, but does have several angles making the wall appear as an arc.  You can quickly see that 5 separate rods would mean 10 brackets, and that in itself will not be very appealing!  

The awesome view to the pool in the back was something the client wanted to see, and privacy was not an issue.  Thank goodness this was NOT the west side of the house, so heat from sunlight was also not a problem.

Our job was to make this look pretty, as it should since this is the first thing you see upon walking in the front door.

We suggested a light color, woven sheer fabric, with an embroidered design.  There are many available in our library of fabrics, but this classic pattern was an easy choice for our client.  She wanted something that would not be distracting, but also have enough of a pattern that is was not boring.  We suggested this particular fabric since it had the color and texture she was looking for, and the geometric pattern felt very fresh and updated.  The slight sheen to the embroidered design gave a bit of a formal feel to this "formal living room", too.

The measuring of the rod proved to be the more labor intensive part of this project.  We provided a template to and they were able to make the perfectly shaped traverse rod!  These drapery panels are operational!  With the use of a baton (hidden behind the first pleat on the left and right of center), the client can open and close this huge treatment with ease.  During those fun, summer get-togethers, they are able to completely open up the outdoors to the indoors, but during the winter months, keep them closed as a beautiful backdrop (and we can't wait to see how the Christmas tree looks with the new backdrop)!

Let Madison Lane Interiors take care of your difficult window configuration!  We have access to the custom hardware you are needing!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What does it mean to "UPDATE"??

This summer we worked on "updating" a beautiful home.  Of course we all have first impressions when we walk into a home for the first time, and our impression was "what a lovely home".  We could immediately tell this customer had custom made drapery and loved traditionally styled furniture.

The formal living room (piano room) has some beautiful antique pieces, which are always a plus if you like a timeless, traditional interior.  Nothing was "wrong" with this house, but if the request was to "update", then that's the look we needed to concentrate on.


The foyer was papered in a more solid, navy wallpaper.  Nothing wrong but not too exciting as far as the client was concerned.  

Her first task was to find new light fixtures, our first task was to find wallpaper and fabric we liked.  The second thing we all needed to decide on was the drapery hardware.  You notice I said SECOND.  Drapery hardware is ordered as a custom finish, so we were just waiting to see what we needed to match---that seemed to be the easier direction to go.

 Peacock Garden

The choice for wallpaper was Thibaut's Peacock Garden.  Our goal was to add more blues, but the addition of the tan color in the design was a great way to introduce a slightly darker color to the dining room and living room. A fresh coat of Antique White paint was the answer for those rooms, and that was just enough color to make the crown molding stand out and make the rooms seem just a little warmer.

RM CoCo Dorset/Porcelain

Unfortunately, the photo of the drapery fabric doesn't show off the textured embroidery that made it so interesting in the first place.  The clean, geometric fabric was the first thing we found that said "UPDATED".  The floral drapery and covered rods just seemed to date the room more than the anything else, and the fresh, more simple design of the "Dorset" fabric was going to be easy to work around.



The foyer light fixture actually had gold and a bit of dark bronze to it, and the dining room fixture had a goldish-silver tone, sometimes called "Champagne".  We loved the mix, it didn't feel so contrived and the two designs were very compatible.  Now that we all were swooning over the new lights, we needed to find just the right hardware choice to look elegant, but not overpower these beauties.

We knew to go to our friends at Helser Brothers Hardware.  We have ordered our custom iron hardware from them for years, and their great selection of colors provided us with our two-toned hardware decision.  The "goldish" color of the rod and the silver rings were the combo we chose to pull in the new colors of the light fixtures.  

If you notice how nice the patterned worked out on the panels, that's because it was intentional.  Pleating can be done randomly on geometric patterns, but it can cause the final look to be busy.  We specify that they are pleated-to-the-pattern.  You should be given that option when ordering custom window treatments.

Another part of updating window treatments includes the height of the rod.  We did raise the hardware to open up the space, and although they could go higher, we like to keep in mind that going too tall can make a "disconnect" between the window treatment and the window.  That is our thoughts, and our suggestion to our clients.  Finding that happy medium can be the difference in making something look too trendy.  We want this UPDATED dining room and living room to last another 15-20 years!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The next Chapter is......

2217 South Main Street, Joplin, MO

If you follow us on Facebook, stop in regularly, or heard from the news from your friends, you probably know we are moving to the middle of town.  This move will be official by April 3rd, however, with the phone transfer not going so quickly, don't give up if you try to call!

Why are we leaving our large location?

Many people have immediately asked "where are you going" when they hear we are relocating.  If we've seemed hesitant to blurt out the address it's because we don't want to mislead people into thinking the new location will operate like a retail establishment.  A big part of moving to the 32nd street location was to carry more inventory.  However, you need a lot of traffic to move a lot of inventory, and sadly, the customer base hasn't increased enough to validate the larger overhead.

What will you have at the new location?

All of our fabric samples, furniture lines, wallpaper companies, window covering vendors, or any custom orders will be making the move with us.  Also, for those of you who love Trapp Candles and Beatriz Ball metal ware, you'll still be able to stop in and purchase those items along with a few decorative pieces you see in the windows!!  If you see the "OPEN" sign, come on it.  If you don't, please give us a call and we'll let you know when we will be there!  

Why not just keep regular hours?

This is the biggest advantage to our clients---making appointments easier for you!  By not posting "hours" we will not have the worry of standing behind a counter all day, but instead be more available to make appointments to meet in our client's homes or at the shop.  We love the one-on-one working relationships we have with our customers, and whether it's choosing wallpaper, paint colors, drapery, blinds, shutters, sofa or chairs, being more accessible has become even more important over the past 10 years.  We think our service counts for a lot---especially in these times of so much "internet buying".  Sometimes you just need some expert advice and fresh ideas!  That's basically been our tagline since we started business.

Won't you miss your big store?

                 Madison Lane Interiors

Yes and no.......

We always felt a great deal of pride in making our shop (either large or small) look great for every season and after every market buying trip.  The work and time involved in doing this can at times be overwhelming, and very time consuming.   We will also miss seeing the variety of people who came by and gave us an insight into their lives, some of you are so inspiring!  Our hope is you'll find us at 2217 S. Main Street with our "OPEN" sign turned out, or call to say "hey, I'm coming by tomorrow afternoon, will you be there?".  We sure don't want to lose touch, then we would be sad!

Monday, December 26, 2016

Designer showcase home 2016

Something new for us during the past year was the chance to be involved in a designer showcase home.  The house was used to benefit McCune Brooks Healthcare Foundation's mammogram program.  The entire home was decorated by several area designers and then open for viewing.  It will soon be sold to a new owner!

If you are from the Joplin or Carthage, Missouri area, you have surely driven past this stately home located at 903 S. Main Street, in Carthage.  The master bedroom was our choice, and is located on the upper left side if you are viewing the house from the front.

The bedroom, and the majority of the house, was papered with what I was told was Brunschwig and Fils grasscloth.  Some rooms left it intact, as was the upstairs landing.  It was repaired and painted, and came off looking very rich.  A pale grey paint was chosen which gave a new look to the previous red grasscloth, which had faded from many years of morning sunlight.

Our gold masterbedroom's wallpaper had darken behind some furniture and in need of repair as well.  Luckily, the foundation was willing to have it stripped off and only a small amount of the wall underneath needed some patching----whew!

This photo shows the landing color through the doorway.  Notice the transom over the door was covered in the gold grasscloth!  This wall seemed to be in good shape, but the color scheme was not what we were envisioning for this beautiful room.

This wall provided the inspiration of natural sunlight and a great view of the huge Ginkgo tree (one of 3 on the property!).  The fireplace mantle was not original to the home, and we did not know when it was added.  The tile was a mustard/brown/black color, and definitely not part of a color scheme we wanted to work around.  Fortunately, the master bathroom was being totally redone and we scored some of the Carthage marble that was being removed to make room for a glass shower!

Notice the mauve carpet in the photo above---it was also removed by the people working for the Foundation and the wooden floor was refinished with a beautiful walnut color stain.  It made a striking contrast with our light, airy color scheme:

With the help of some awesome reps and giving vendors, we were able to use Thibaut wallpaper and fabric, Norwalk furniture, Lili Allessandra bedding, Global Views accents, Angela Rose Distributing for hardware, and Wendover Art for our renovation!

See what I mean about the bright sunlight being a great inspiration.  Just look at the way it shines across the seating area!

Besides the orange accents in the pillow, lamps and artwork,we had the little closet papered with a fun orange geometric wallpaper from Thibaut, as well, which added the little kick of something unexpected to the room.  We also changed out the handles and knobs with glass and silver hardware to match the original glass doorknobs on the doors.  The large built-in you see was added a few years ago to house a TV and provide extra storage.  There was originally a doorway to the nursery from that area.

This angle shows the doorway to the master bathroom.  We love the decorative chest from Global Views---it has classic detailing, but is also somewhat contemporary in appearance.  The ceilings were tall in this house, but it was also finely detailed, so any furniture pieces that are too bulky looked out of place.  The Norwalk chairs have a low back so they didn't hide the fireplace.

Notice that we had the fireplace painted a pale grey, which blended very nicely with the marble from the bathroom.  It also tied in with the rest of the house, as the landing was very close to the same color and it was repeated in several other rooms.  We used a lot of polished silver accents, but kept the gold/brass around the fireplace opening, keeping it from looking too cold.

Our final accents of glass spheres on the fireplace with the colorful watercolor and orange and green florals were recipients of the morning sunlight.

It was a bit of a sad day when the furniture and decor was removed and brought back to the shop.  We left the drapery in hopes that the new owner will love them as much as we did.....and possibly would want some of the items brought back :)

Friday, September 30, 2016

Yes, you can have a cream sofa!

Norwalk's Copley Sofa  
Norwalk Furniture has added more performance fabrics to their line.  And even better news is that it is not one of the higher priced fabrics----in fact, it's one of the lesser priced ones!  That is hard to believe, I know, but besides having a nice texture to them, and good colors, they didn't out-price themselves.  We love being able to brag about durable and washable fabrics, but it's tough when it makes the furniture cost prohibitive.  With their new "Revolution" fabrics, Norwalk's furniture prices won't give you sticker shock!

A little more about Revolution, in case you didn't already go to the website: 

Woven with Olefin yarn, the fabrics are virtually unstainable, easy to clean, and extremely durable; yet beautiful and soft while also resistant to fading from the sun. Revolution Performance Fabrics® are made with upcycled fibers and have no chemical treatments making them easy on the environment.



 The sofa in the photo above, is from Norwalk, and is their best seller.  We think it will fit in great with a wide variety of home decors.  The rounded arms are not oversized, but the cushions are comfortable, and can be ordered in several grades of firmness.  The legs have a few options,  and although you can't see them in the photo, we are partial to the style we have on this one.  But if a skirted sofa is what you need, this one can be ordered with the skirt, too!

There's a lot of options in furniture, and we have several in stock, but if you can wait 30 days, Norwalk is also a custom order and can be made to your exact needs.

No more waiting until the "kids are gone", you can own a cleanable, durable sofa---NOW!





Monday, August 1, 2016

Designer Showcase Home

We are so excited to be part of a local designer showcase home.   It's not something that happens very often in our area, and it will help raise funds for the Mammogram Program for the area, as well.  Those are just two great reasons to be involved.

The upstairs Master Bedroom will be our room to redo.  Luckily, we aren't the ones having to pull the old grass cloth off, repaint the trim, or redo the hardwood floors.  Our job is the fun part of choosing colors, fabrics and bedding, finding furniture, and generally putting icing on the cake!!  But that's what we do for our clients. 

Here's a panoramic view of the room from last week.  Most of the paper is gone, carpet will be taken up, trim will be painted, then we'll get to work.

Keep watching for more updates on the Showcase home as we take you give you a peak into our choices for wallpaper and fabrics. 


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