Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Madison Lane Interiors defines "Updated Decor"

We use the word "update" almost everyday.  The meaning probably differs for every customer.  Everyone's decorating taste is different, so the idea of "updating" can mean a variety of things.  At Madison Lane, we tend to go by the saying "less is more" when it comes to updating.  Here's a before and after to show you what we mean:

There was no doubt the original window treatments were well made, but the busy floral print and the miles of tassel fringe was just a heavier look than the client wanted.  She still wanted sheers and drapery panels, but with a lighter touch.  The decorative traverse rods are from the Paris Texas Hardware collection, and have a double rod to accommodate the sheers behind the panels.  The geometric fabric in the panels gives a cleaner look and doesn't compete with the rug pattern or any of the other decor in the room.  

Don't forget that taller ceilings need taller lamps and larger wall art!  It's easy to get used to the same size decor you had when you lived with 9 ft ceilings, but as in this room, the 12 ft ceilings require bigger pieces.

If you are ready for an "update", we will make sure it's personalized to your style.  

We'd like to know your definition of updated decor!



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