Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Are my colors out of style??

If we are asked that question, we will reply based on what we see trending at Market.  We do believe most people are not willing to sacrifice their favorite pieces of furniture for the sake of a trend.
The recent photo of the red chairs prompted a lot of customers to ask: " is red back?"  We didn't know if left!  However, how it is displayed in your home is probably the part of the equation that caused it look dated.  These particular chairs are a custom order for a remodel, and were chosen based on the client's love of the color.  BUT, they will be on a fresh backdrop of pale walls, brightly patterned area rug, even lighter color drapes, and a khaki tan sofa.  The pillows we chose for the sofa will have some of the familiar jewel tones, but the overall look is still a fresher look than the dark golds and muddy browns of a few years ago.

Oh no, you still have the brown chair/sofa and you are tiring of the drab, dark den you loved just a few years ago.  Those pieces aren't out of style, but the feel of the room needs lightened up.  Such an easy fix with a few lighter colors in pillows and/or throws placed around makes a quick change to that! 

So you really are ready to change up a few things, but not sure how to add your other colors of accessories that you still love.  The grey tones you are seeing around really do work with color!  Can you count how many different colors are teamed up with our grey sofa/chaise?  Any and all of those look great with this neutral color, so go ahead, bring on the new color!

We are happy to work with your favorite colors and help you add in the new pieces without having to start over again!  Don't forget, if it's a fresh coat of paint you need, we are available to help you choose that, too.  Come by and we'll talk about how we can help.


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