Sunday, December 6, 2015

The secrets of Window Treatments

As I paid for another year of membership into one of the best professional window treatment groups I know of, I thought about all of the information I have learned from this group of professional people.  We gather from all over the US (and beyond our borders) to talk on an online forum about everything from how large to make a drapery hem to how to install 20 ft drapery panels.

I have been a part of the Drapery & Design group (previously called Custom Home Furnishings) for as many years as it's been around.  We have attended seminars, classes and shows and met many of the people who are still part of the professional group.  It's a support system unlike any I know of and you, as a customer of Madison Lane Interiors, benefit from it as well.

We feel that one of our specialties in the home decor business is our ability to meet your needs for window treatments, and most likely exceed your expectations.  We try our best to explore all options when it comes to design and pricing.  If you are have the need for drapes, shades, shutters, or blinds in the coming year, stop by and talk to us about it.  We definitely have all the options for you to choose from and might tell you a few of our secrets, too.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Introducing another furniture line: Precedent

Although we won't have the new pieces of furniture in the store, we do want to let you know ahead of time that we will be representing another line of American made furniture.  Precedent offers a variety of seat depths in many styles, making it so much easier to find "just the right size".

 For over 30 yrs, every piece of Precedent upholstered furniture has been meticulously and sustainably crafted for exceptional value.  They offer over 500 fabrics to choose from, several finishes for no extra charge, custom styling, and the very best cushions for each frame, ensuring that each piece is as comfortable as it is stylish.

 The styling on many pieces of Precedent furniture tends to be cleaner lines, less fuss but very "on trend".  We sat in every piece in the showroom when we visited the showroom in High Point and can honestly say they were all comfortable.  Of course we had our favorites, and we did take notes so we can tell you all about them!

OK, what kind of prices are you talking about, you might be saying by now.  Precedent is considered a mid-range priced furniture.  You will be very pleased in the pricing, as we were!  

 The sofa/chaise shown in the above photo will be one of the pieces we are getting with our first order.  We were impressed with a chaise than can be switched to the other side, and not fixed on only one side forever.  This was always something to consider when buying such a set up, and moving to another house which might not allow a right side chaise/sofa.  Another plus is the ability to switch cushions to reduce wear on just one all the time.

 Precedent also offers customized beds, available as full beds or headboards only.  The shapes and heights, styles and fabrics are all up to you.  

 Stop by and look through the catalog or visit the Precedent website.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

What's different about a dining room?

If you have a separate dining area you know the issues I'm about to mention.  Most of these rooms are on the front of the house, so the window is visible to everyone driving by.  If this window faces the west you may need a more than one line of defense against the setting sun (since most dinners will be during this time).

Another issue is how to warm up a room that has so many wooden pieces in it and very little upholstery.  An area rug may help, but if you pass through part of your dining room into the next room, the corner of a rug might end up running into the middle of the traffic area.  Or if your room is narrow, it could cause a problem with a hutch or sideboard.

One of the best places to use floor length drapery ends up being in a dining room.  It can solve several of these issues.  First one is that it adds some softness to an otherwise "hard" room.  Another reason is to filter the sunlight and provide privacy (or at least semi-privacy as shown above).   Other rooms have upholstery and small tables that may be  hard to place if a floor length panel is in the way, but a dining room doesn't seem to have this problem.

We know all the measurements we need to take and how to determine the type of drapery hardware you will need, too.  If you thought talking about pinch pleats, returns, leading edges and lining was difficult, wait until we start telling you all the hardware options!  There are so many styles and colors available, but by the time we determine your "needs" it will start limiting all of those choices into something more manageable.

Come by and tell us what is different about your dining room.  We'll solve your problems and find the best look for your decorating style.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Some top reasons to use throws in your decorating

Once we start hearing the weatherman mention Fall, we are all too ready to pull out our heavier quilts, and other Fall decor.  One of our favorite things that will add another layer of texture and color is a throw.  They come in many sizes and colors, and all price ranges.  Looking through the online picture book, Houzz, we found some great uses for your pretty and useful throws.

 Now that we are ready to use our outside living spaces again (most of us did not do much entertaining during the HOT summer), how about adding something to stay cozy after the sun goes down?  The added layer of the blankets/throws makes this little table so much more inviting, and if you don't have a lantern, we have several of those, too!!

 The small throw on the chair is a good example that not all throws need to be large or bulky. A smaller, more inexpensive, but colorful throw breaks up the expanse of grey so that it blends more easily into this less serious mix of throw pillows and art.  The orange could easily be replaced with a cream or aqua throw for the summer months.

 You might have picked up a blanket on vacation at some point in your travels but not sure how to display it.  This monochromatic bedroom was quickly warmed up with this throw.  The darker colors and imperfect fringe add an organic feel and also keep the space from looking too cold for the upcoming months.

Everyone would love a sweet little nook like the one above.  However, it wouldn't look nearly as inviting without the green herringbone throw just begging you to curl up with a good book!

And if the look of a "throw" seems to casual for your sense of style, we can always design a custom made blanket for your room.  The one show above may not be any larger than shown, although you could design one that is a little large and more usable.  We can see that it adds that extra layer of design that helps finish off this room and helps balance out the decor.  A suggestion would also be made on a custom throw:  make it reversible!  A smaller pattern with more of the orange would be a great choice on the backside of this one ;)

 These chair just got all dressed up for Fall!!  If you haven't thought about folding your throw on the center of your chairs, give it a try.  The color choice is great for this room, and if you are looking for even more of an Autumn look, just change out the white pillows for something darker.

 Don't forget those ottomans, they need some dressing, too.  Although this one isn't as "fallish" as some of the others, you get the idea of changing up the look.  We like a more casual look with the throw laying over an ottoman so it can be quickly picked up and used!  A scrunched throw just adds the fullness of the folds and looks just as nice and more usable--perfect for a family room.  A more formal approach is shown above, and does seem appropriate for the area.  

If you are taking inventory of your throws and come up short, we have a great new shipment in this week, along with several we always keep in stock. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Decorating for over a century?

The room on the left is from a home built over a century ago, room on the right was finished this summer.
Of course we haven't been around for 100 yrs, but some of the homes we have done work in have been here for more than a century.  Looking at our last 2 installations, I realize there is about 120 yrs difference in age between the two homes!

I think that says a lot about our "style" of decorating:  it should be appropriate for the home and the homeowner.  We always work WITH our clients as much as FOR them.  Although many people might say "I wish you would just decorate my home" we know they really don't mean it....entirely.  Everyone should live in a home that reflects their likes and feel comfortable and inviting.  Our homes are an extension of ourselves, but we can't always find all the finishing touches, or achieve the look we want without some additional input.  It's difficult to look at our personal belongings with an objective eye, and that's where a decorator comes in handy.

Lace curtains are appropriate for this historic home

If you live in a new home or a historic home, or something in between, we can be of assistance.  We have access to many of the difficult to find details, such as the drapery hardware we used in the photos above.  You probably can't find them on-the-shelf.

Stop by Madison Lane Interiors to discuss your specific needs in your home. We have decorating ability that spans over 100 yrs!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Our Annual Sale!

 If you don't follow our Facebook page, you might not realize that Saturday, August 1st, is our BIG annual sale.  We have been marking down items all week long.  


We'll have half-off many items, such as lamps, bedding, decorative vases, small tables, and some chairs.  Our sales consist of inventory we have had on hand for awhile, and may be in perfect condition.  There may be a few "dent and ding" pieces,

and some of those will be reduced to 75% off.....sounds crazy, but we don't have the time to fix them or store them so you get a great deal!

Hours for this one day sale:
11:00 - 3:00, August 1

We do anticipate being very busy on Saturday, so if you need to discuss ordering new furniture or fabric a visit during the weekday would be beneficial.  

Hope to see you Saturday.  

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Our Summer Market finds

Since you can never have enough pillows in our biz, we added a new line of pillows.  From their website:  A recognized lifestyle brand based in Atlanta, Lacefield takes an artistic approach to home decor with its printed textile, decorative pillow and drapery lines. Founded in 1996 by Beth Lacefield, a veteran in the worlds of fashion accessories and home decor, the company has become known for its sophisticated styling, globally inspired designs and fashion forward details.

They offer a great collection of colors, and the trims on the pillows are their own, so you won't see them everywhere!  By the time they use the down/feather fills, the pricing will be less than a custom pillow, but with the same look.

 We'll be bringing a table and chairs into the store very soon.  We thought the look was fresh and new, and not too heavy and big for most dining rooms.  This company, Ro Sham Beaux, also carries a very unique line of lighting.  

 If you noticed the beads on the table, you were seeing all the various colors you can choose for a hanging light (as seen in this photo above the table).

Most of our "finds" will take a month to arrive in the store.  In the meantime be sure to check in and watch for upcoming sales as we clean out some older inventory.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

How many drapery panels do you need?

We recently finished a living room drapery project that involved a large double window, which was flanked by a door and a built-in cabinet.  Privacy was already taken care of, but the need for color and balance to the room was the next issue.  I'm showing the photo in black and white to emphasize the balance the height of the drapes/rod gave to this focal wall.

 I called this wall a "focal wall" because it's what you see as soon as you enter the home.  Where do your eyes go at first glance?  Mine went all around the room, looking for the one area that was wanting to stand out.  The left side has a fireplace and shelving, which is lovely on it's own, and the right side is the kitchen.  We are left with the central area that was not getting the "pulled together" look it was lacking.

After restyling the shelves with accents of bright greens/citron, shades of teal and a touch of orange, we knew we needed a fabric with some strong color, but not in-you-face color.

The picture doesn't do much justice to the beautiful colors of the fabric.  The touches of color in the nature inspired print actually appear to be painted.  It was easily the favorite as soon as we saw it.

Looking at the before photo, you can see that three panels were what we needed for this particular room.  Here are the reasons:  
     1.  Color was needed behind the sofa.
     2.  Hides the strip of drywall separating the windows---2 panels would have left us staring at 
           the gap between the windows.
     3.  Two panels would require more fullness in each of them for better balance, and 
           having too much fullness by the shelves and door was not a good idea.  Three single
            width panels give the added fullness to break up the rod expanse.

We love the final results!

We are currently working on another project, but I can give you a peek into the renderings we have shown the client.

The client is liking the photo with the four panels.  These will be operational, as well.  The rod we have chosen is a decorative traverse, and is NOT cord driven, so the drapery will be able to traverse as desired by using a baton/wand.  Yes, that is available as one of the specialized items we are able to offer our customers. 

Madison Lane Interiors would love to help you choose your next window treatment.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Everyone needs a console

We know how much we use console tables in the shop, and how so many of our clients need one, or more than one.  If you look up "console" in Wikipedia (where else???), their first definition is that it is used as a device for playing video games.  Well.....that's not our first thought.

Our current favorite is about to be delivered to one of our customers, but luckily,  it can be reordered!  This one is about 60" wide, which we have found to be a good size, and about 15" deep.  It's also a little taller than some, which is a plus in a lot of situations.  The lattice front will provide a nice texture to the room it will be going to, but the light wood finish will keep it from looking to "weighty" in the otherwise small space.

We see consoles used in hallways, foyers, dining rooms, and most commonly under our TV's.  An open bottom console provides a place to store an extra little ottoman or bench, or a good spot to place baskets which help contain some of the smaller things that have no where else to go!

We have the availability to order custom sized consoles from Hickory Chair, so if you have looked endlessly for that perfect size with no luck, we can take care of it!

Of course I cruised the Houzz website for some other uses and styles of consoles:

If you are still looking for that perfect console, make sure you stop by and see what we have or what we can order.  Remember we can do custom sizes and finishes.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bookcase styling tips

A recent catalog from one of our vendors, Studio A, offered some great suggestions for styling a bookcase.  We do this ourselves for our clients, and have learned many tricks and tips from various showrooms on our trips to market.  However, Studio A was kind enough to put some good basic ideas in print, usually only meant for retailers eyes.........but as a Valentines Day treat we are going to share!

First thing to note here is the use of a textured wallpaper for the background.  This particular grasscloth has an organic feel to it, making it a good background for this client's collection.  By covering most of the books with white paper, the more important books stood out, along with the various glass accessories.

After taking your background into consideration, look at what you have the most of, possibly books, and hopscotch them on alternating shelves from left to right.  Try placing the books in horizontal and vertical positions.  If your collection is another object, like vases for example, the same principle would apply.

 Often smaller pieces of art are lost hanging on a wall, so adding them as background to your bookcase is a great way to add some color, and start the layering process.  Work from the back of the shelf to the front, placing the largest items in back and layer forward with the smaller items so they are all visible.

If you are adding additional hidden storage (and decorative boxes are a popular item right now), make sure they are consistent in look or feel.  Use similar finishes or colors so it doesn't look cluttered.

Notice the collection of metal owls on the shelves in the first picture, we call that a "graphic grouping", since they are "like" items.  By combining the collection you will get more of a visual impact.  The same idea was done with the vases in the top shelf.

Winter is a great time to look over those neglected bookcases!  Go ahead, take everything off those shelves and start "restyling"! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

We're still making our New Year's Resolutions........

Whew, 2014 was one busy year for Madison Lane Interiors.  It'll be hard to be any more hectic than our move into our new location which actually started on December 26, 2013.  Our New Year's Eve was spent unpacking and still moving into the shop. 

 Here's the wide open space we were looking at just before we started unloading our store.  Of course we had to add several more display pieces to help fill the space. 

 And here is a shot from the same area, taken last week.  Needless to say, we have filled the space and continually look for better ways to show off our furniture while still adding more. 

Luckily, I can't find any photos that might be titled "during" ;)

Now for some of our New Year's Resolutions:

~Our "Seasonal" items will consist of "Giftable" items, not so much decor that has to be stored by you or MLI.  Although, we  have had requests to carry some floral decor, and we do like orchids and carry quite a few stems already so we can keep the shop looking up-to-date.

~Our furniture inventory will increase.  Our plan is to have more options to buy or at least try out before you place an order.  There are several furniture pieces that can be made as a chair or a sofa, which helps us with space.  Also adding consoles/sideboards, we hear a lot of customers looking for various sizes and styles.

~We will keep as much wall art as we can....we have the walls for it!  Our starting prices are around $60, so there's definitely something for a wide range of homes and styles.

~Gift items we want to add include beautifully packaged soaps and notecards.  Look for more books in the store, too.  They range from kid's books to books for the graduate.  There is no end to lovely items at market, and we want our customers to know how easy it is to find a special gift at MLI.

~We do intend on keeping up on all the continuing education we can, be it webinars, seminars, or updates from our reps.  There is no time to fall behind on learning about the latest in window treatments, their control mechanisms just get better every year!  

~Staying current with our fabrics has always been on our list, and it still is.  I was informed this week by a fabric rep that the USA is finally starting to mill some fabrics again!  That's definitely good news for all of us.  If you've been on the other end of this, you know "discontinued" is a four-letter-word in our business. 

We will be off to market next weekend, so be watching our Facebook page for more immediate updates.  

If you have a suggestion for something you are looking for, give us a call or come in.  We always take a list with us to market, and we might even send you a photo for a second opinion!      


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