Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pump up the volume----on silk!

We thought you might enjoy some projects we have going. Here's one currently in the sewing room:

This "pile" of fabric is already on it's way to becoming two pair of luxurious silk drapes in an already lovely dining room. Using the word "luxurious" is appropriate when speaking of interlined silk drapes. These plaid silk panels are from a previous home and are not the showpiece they need to be in their new home. By interlining them with heavy flannel, and lining with napped sateen, they'll transform into something much more special. Did you realize the linings made such a difference?

Note to anyone sewing with black fabric and flannel interlining: keep one of these lint rollers handy!! Did you notice the bolt of black fabric above? It is being used with the plaid to extend the length. The look is a color-blocked style, and will have a tassel fringe added for extra "bling". (We'll be bringing a lint roller to the installation, I'm sure!)

Can you see the needle and thread on this black fabric?? Another note to anyone sewing on black fabric: it's like hemming in the dark! OK, I'm done complaining!!

A peek at the bottom of the drapery panel. Notice the three layers: lining, interlining and face fabric. This is what PUMPS up the volume.

I'll save the full reveal for the actual installation, but even hanging in the workroom you can see the nice rounded folds and the full gathered pleats in the header. The side hems are somewhat padded with the linings which helps the drapery panels hang even more beautifully. Just wait until you see them in the dining room hanging from the custom iron hardware . . . sorry it's a few more weeks away.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fabrics---what's hot

Many of our new fabric books are silks and faux silks. By faux silks, I mean polyester. It may be mixed with rayon or viscose, or it may be 100% poly. Many of the polyester fabrics are a great imitation of silk and some are not meant to be a look-alike. The picture above is silk, but features a contrast on the bottom done in a textured silk. It is stitched in a diamond pattern to give some interest to the fabric. Of course the price tag on this stitched fabric is more than a regular silk, but the photo is a good example of how just a small amount can give a big impact.

Wow, would you look at that panel! We are so anxious to start a project with this fabric. We had several samples of this embroidered silk for a year and finally have the perfect house for it. The fabric is sold with the embroidered edge done as requested: sides only, side-bottom-side, or as we are requesting, leading edge and bottom. The vendor for this beautiful fabric has more pictures on their website, but remember you can look at the real thing in our shop! We also have some huge samples of their crewel style embroidered fabrics.

More embroidered silks just to tempt you. These make great pillows, too. That adds a big look without having to purchase as many yards. But don't forget to check out the embroidered polyester (faux silk) fabrics. They are less in price than the silks and sometimes hard to tell apart.

Here's a good example of a polyester fabric with an allover embroidered design. The fabric is a sheer type of poly and would be suitable where semi-privacy is needed. The panels could be lined, but most generally are not. This fabric gives a dressy, but not heavy, look to a room. You could also use this fabric for sheer panels and regular lined panels on the sides for an even more formal look. Most people love the embroidered sheer so much we use it alone.

Stop in and browse the upstairs section of the shop. We have 500 plus books to get you started.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Add some color to your life!

After putting up the Christmas decor, the shop needed a fresh color scheme. We almost reached for the paint brushes, but on second thought . . . .we gathered some colors together we hadn't seen for awhile, and set up some new vignettes. Maybe the paint brushes will make an appearance in the Spring!!

Walking into the shop from the front door you are greeted with bright reds, bold yellows, and several shades of blues.

It just takes a small amount of fabric to add some pop to a window treatment or even pillows. Look around your own home, you might be surprised what a simple add-on like buttons can do to add your own pop of color!

Don't forget the bedroom for a color change. The reds can change from Christmas to French Country by adding in some blues and golds. Check out the Pierre Deux website and see how they do it.

OK, so bold color isn't for everyone, but even the white pitchers get more attention next to the bronze lamp and bowl. It's the contrast that grabs your attention.

We didn't forget green, but I'm not showing that vignette. You'll have to come by and see that one for yourself!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Making and plan and sticking to it!

This is the time of year to plan! Moving anything in our shop starts with a plan, but always ends hours later and plans to not do it again for a long time. While we move the Christmas decor to the sale shelves, we are keeping in mind our next purchases. Our longer range plans not only include new furniture pieces, but the smaller decorative items that give them personality.

This year we plan to buy more one-of-a-kind items than we have before. Although we always try to find something new to bring to Joplin, we find several things are just repeated in other stores.

Our first buying trip for 2009 will take us to Philadelphia. We will be attending the Buyers Market of American Craft. All items from this market are produced in the US or Canada.
We plan to carry more American made goods in the coming year, and this should be the place to start. Below are some examples of past vendors.

We hope you'll plan on visiting the store soon. You still have time to put in your wish list for market. If you are searching for the unusual, we might be able to find it.


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