Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Making and plan and sticking to it!

This is the time of year to plan! Moving anything in our shop starts with a plan, but always ends hours later and plans to not do it again for a long time. While we move the Christmas decor to the sale shelves, we are keeping in mind our next purchases. Our longer range plans not only include new furniture pieces, but the smaller decorative items that give them personality.

This year we plan to buy more one-of-a-kind items than we have before. Although we always try to find something new to bring to Joplin, we find several things are just repeated in other stores.

Our first buying trip for 2009 will take us to Philadelphia. We will be attending the Buyers Market of American Craft. All items from this market are produced in the US or Canada.
We plan to carry more American made goods in the coming year, and this should be the place to start. Below are some examples of past vendors.

We hope you'll plan on visiting the store soon. You still have time to put in your wish list for market. If you are searching for the unusual, we might be able to find it.

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