Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pump up the volume----on silk!

We thought you might enjoy some projects we have going. Here's one currently in the sewing room:

This "pile" of fabric is already on it's way to becoming two pair of luxurious silk drapes in an already lovely dining room. Using the word "luxurious" is appropriate when speaking of interlined silk drapes. These plaid silk panels are from a previous home and are not the showpiece they need to be in their new home. By interlining them with heavy flannel, and lining with napped sateen, they'll transform into something much more special. Did you realize the linings made such a difference?

Note to anyone sewing with black fabric and flannel interlining: keep one of these lint rollers handy!! Did you notice the bolt of black fabric above? It is being used with the plaid to extend the length. The look is a color-blocked style, and will have a tassel fringe added for extra "bling". (We'll be bringing a lint roller to the installation, I'm sure!)

Can you see the needle and thread on this black fabric?? Another note to anyone sewing on black fabric: it's like hemming in the dark! OK, I'm done complaining!!

A peek at the bottom of the drapery panel. Notice the three layers: lining, interlining and face fabric. This is what PUMPS up the volume.

I'll save the full reveal for the actual installation, but even hanging in the workroom you can see the nice rounded folds and the full gathered pleats in the header. The side hems are somewhat padded with the linings which helps the drapery panels hang even more beautifully. Just wait until you see them in the dining room hanging from the custom iron hardware . . . sorry it's a few more weeks away.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

These are beautiful. Can hardly wait to see the reveal.. They would look wonderful in my dining room. :-) hugs ~lynne~

niartist said...

These are spectacular! I'm just dying to see the reveal! How would you feel about doing some burlap curtains? :)

Madison Lane said...

I've heard burlap is not fun to work with. However, the finished product could be very interesting in the right setting.


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