Saturday, February 23, 2013

Taking a cue from color

I thought it would be worth sharing a few more of the photos we took at the Dallas Market.  The experts making the displays are trying to attract buyers, of course, but also showing how these decorative items can be used in your home.  The above photo is featuring red as the main color mixed with the natural, more rustic wood pieces.  Red never goes out of style, so mix it up and enjoy those bright pops of red.

Purple was strong, again, and in this photo, you can see it in several applications.  From rugs and pillows, to vases and chairs, look around and see where you can add some purple.

This chevron pattern was noticed over and over, and we are seeing it in our fabrics lately, and I suspect it'll show up in the Spring collections, too.  This bright yellow and white  pattern makes a great background for these shelves and might be a great idea to spruce up the back of your shelving.  Fabric or wallpaper adhered to foam core board would be an easy way to add one of the new geometric designs to your home.

You may have heard by now that Emerald Green is the Pantone color of the year.  What does that mean to you and me----it will be easier to find this color in fabrics and other home decor for the next year or so!  You don't have to be trendy, but if you like green or want to bring more of it into your home, you probably won't have to hunt for it!  I liked the display above featuring one large item in the emerald green, but also that it just takes one item to make a statement.

Hang onto your gold and brass!  I know, polished nickel and brushed nickel has been popular the last few years, but the gold and brass looks great with these yellow pieces, and who would have thought about using a grey/white background.  While we love yellow and grey, the use of the gold with the softer background looks great.  Another thing we noticed in some of the showrooms was the use of horizontal painted stripes.  It's really a fresh look and wouldn't be too costly----if you have the patience to do it!

Don't be afraid to bring out those bright colors and mix them into your room in a new way.  If you don't have your favorite color hidden away somewhere, come by the shop, we'll have just the right piece to add a fresh look to your home.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Trendspotting at the 2013 Dallas Market

Many designers and bloggers report on current trends and you can see their take on the 2013 market on their blogs.  In fact, you may have already noticed their photos from Dallas in the last 2 weeks.  I am a little late in reporting!  You will most likely find we all have a slightly different take on what we see but that's what makes it interesting.

 One thing I've been seeing in recent months--before I got to the Dallas Market----is the popularity of contemporary art.  Most of these pieces consist of blues and greens, very similar to the one shown in the photo above.  I think the lack of detail is part of the appeal, and the "less is more" attitude in some of today's interior design.

What do these pillows and mirrored pieces have in common?  I'm not talking color---yet.  The geometric designs in the pillows and the table/mirror combo is something we saw throughout many showrooms.  It seems those geometric patterns blend in very easily with other patterns, and don't seem as "fussy" as the florals and plaids we saw in previous years.

 Lamps and light fixtures are showing up in many shapes and colors.  This show room, Robert Abbey, has always had a classy collection of light fixtures and this time we bought into it!  Look to see some of their pieces in our shop in the near future.

 Notice the geometric designs showing up in these lamps, too!  Navy and white has been around forever, but the patterns keep it fresh and new. Mixed in with the contemporary are the traditional shaped lamps in lipstick red, bright orange, along with classic navy and white.  Lots of  gold and brass showing up this time, but not the shiny stuff from several years ago---more of an aged, matte finish.

These ceiling fixtures aren't going to be boring!  Look at the great colors in these drum shades.

We'll tell you more about trends in a future post.  You will want to see the colors that will be showing up in home decor.  We've already incorporated most of them into our current inventory! 


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