Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas decor inside a loft apartment

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone reading our blog.  We thought you would enjoy the beautiful Christmas decor inside the loft we worked on earlier this year (click here)In our previous post the client was still waiting for the lamps and this wonderful "branch cabinet" to arrive.

 This particular cabinet isn't exactly produced in mass, so there was a wait list, a delay . . . or two . . .and finally the arrival.  We all knew the style was perfect for this brick wall, and any other cabinet just wouldn't do.  Luckily, our client didn't give up, and is very glad she waited!  So are we.

 Looking into the living room you can see some of the other holiday decor she put together.  The new, larger area rug looks great with the white leather sofa and chairs (outside the photo).  The previous rug was moved over into the dining area.  Both rugs are from Surya. 

 Here's another view just to the left of the previous photo.

Here's a shot looking into the kitchen.   Gotta love that light fixture, it looks like a piece of jewelry.  We were told by our client that her party of 50 people was no problem inside this living area.  Just as fun as the smaller party of 6 on this particular evening, I'm sure!

Thanks to Tom from Global Views for putting up with our numerous calls and emails!  We really do appreciate you.

See us in January, we are taking some time off to be with our families.  The shop will open again on January 9, 2012.  If you need to speak to Pam or Amber, please leave a phone message, we will be checking in regularly.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Justice Furniture preview for 2012

We attended the Justice Furniture Fall Market a couple of weeks ago.  It wasn't really their full blown market, but more of a preview of their new sofas and fabrics.  The company is located in Lebanon, Missouri, and just less than a two hour drive.

We liked this one so much we ordered the same thing for the store.  It's already here, but we opted for some turquoise pillows for a pop of color.  This new fabric is more of a "champagne" color, which could be described as a color somewhere between gold and silver, but neither one.  It's a neutral that really has more of a taupe look to it, and definitely not another brown!

This soft leather feels like butter to the touch, and looks like it in color.  Another plus to this new sofa is the special material in the cushions.  Much more spring in the firm cushions, but still cushy to sit on.  The wood across the bottom really adds a tailored look to this sofa.

Nailheads look great on this style.  Shown here in a bonded leather.
 This traditional camel back sofa looks less traditional without the skirt!  The taller arms also give a new look to this style.

Notice the curved front on this sofa.  It has a definite feminine quality! 

The pillows show one of the new fabrics from Justice.  The sofa has a definite streamlined look to it.  Perfect for a family room that just can't handle those oversized sofas.

While Justice is updating their website, be sure to stop in and see our pictures of the newest sofa styles, along with the new fabrics.  You won't believe how perfect the new sectional fits in the shop.  With all the options available, we can make sure it fits just as perfectly in your home!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Do you need a reason to shop at Madison Lane?

We know you can't buy everything on your list from MLI, but you might be surprised at what you can find for those special gifts you are buying this year.  In addition to our store, remember to visit your other locally owned shops.  Visit the website for The 3/50 Project  and see exactly why it means so much to your local economy!  

I found the following piece from the 3/50 Project blog.  Thanks Cinda Baxter for posting it.  Wish I could have found the actual footage from the show---it really was funny listening to Seth Meyers!

Two big box classics from SNL

by Cinda Baxter on November 8, 2011

From the “Weekend News” segment on Saturday Night Live, November 5, 2011:
“Macy’s announced this week that its flagship store in Manhattan will undergo a $400 million renonvation that will create the world’s largest women’s shoe department, featuring more than 300,000 pairs of shoes, and—as always—one cashier.”
“Several department stores have announced that on Black Friday—the day after Thanksgiving and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season—they will open their stores at midnight because nothing puts people in the giving spirit like enduring a long, stressful holiday with their family, hopping in the car half drunk in the middle of the night, and battling an angry mob over a tennis bracelet.”
On behalf of the mom and pop businesses everywhere, thank you, Seth Meyers. Big time.

Sounds like another good reason to shop at Madison Lane.

If you're busy during the week, Monday - Thursday, see us on Saturdays, 11:00 - 3:00Parking is convenient!  Please browse or ask Pam and Amber for the best gift selections!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's that time of year . . .already! Christmas 2011

Here's a  peak into our Christmas for this year.  You might have noticed we are behind on blogging, but the unpacking, pricing, arranging and clean-up involved with Christmas decor is always more involved than we think it will be!!

We are featuring white and silver this year, along with some unique garland and icy picks.  If you look closely you'll see the chandelier style ornaments hanging above the chest.  You will still find some traditional gold ornaments, but not the typical shapes. 

Not to be forgotten are the seasonal Trapp candles.  We also have two of their room sprays in stock.  Ask about the free gift with purchase when you come in.  There are several new fragrances this year from Trapp---more decisions to make!

Our Holiday hours start this weekend---Saturdays from 11:00 til 3:00, and our usual days of Monday thru Thursday from 11:00 til 5:30.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

200th post! Let's talk about Furniture

From the Candice Olson design gallery

 During this time of Joplin's rebuilding and remodeling, we are finding ourselves involved with clients in all  phases of putting their lives back together.  Some people were able to find houses immediately after the tornado, some needed to remodel what was left, and others are still deciding on house plans.  Norwalk, our largest vendor for upholstered furniture, has been a great resource for refurnishing these homes.

From the Candice Olson design gallery

With over 850 fabrics and leathers to choose from, we are able to help our clients create a look that is unique and a reflection of their style.  Many people are not only choosing furniture, but everything from paint colors, rugs, lamps and the entire layout.  It is extremely overwhelming to do this while still filling out insurance forms.  We have been able to help our clients keep track of their choices and coordinate their new home during this overwhelming time.

The Marlo Chair, one of our favorites!

If you are furnishing your home, from top to bottom, or simply need a new chair to fit into your current decor, come by Madison Lane Interiors and let us show you how we can help.  You'll find several pieces of Norwalk furniture on the floor for purchase and all 800+  fabrics to order a custom piece.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

New looks around the shop

Fall is nearly here, and almost all of our summer purchases are in the shop.  If you haven't been in lately, take a virtual look around:

 New wall art, from contemporary to traditional.

Mirrored chests and side tables really caught our eye this year.

 Add something glass or white to really give a fresh look to a table top.

 We really like the deep purple against the newly  painted wall.  Grey is a wonderful backdrop.

 Our Norwalk sofa is from their "design it yourself" collection!  Really, you can change the arm design and the legs to suit your style.  We wanted you to "try before you buy", so ask about the Estate sofa and loveseat next time you're in the market for new furniture.

 More new lamps, wall art and bedding---still waiting on more pillows!

 This demilune table has an updated look with the light wood and silver design.  You'll be impressed with the quality from this company.

Of course  it's all much nicer in person!  See you soon.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pillows: a quick fix for a new look!

Not only are pillows the easiest way to "change up" your current look, but probably one of the cheapest.  If you read our latest Facebook post, you know we have lots of pillows on their way!  I've searched through one of my favorite online picture books, "Houzz", and gathered up some inspiration photos.

 Beds don't require an even number of pillows to look finished.

 What a great mix of colors and patterns to warm up a white sofa.

 If your window treatments are the star of the room, show the colors again in the pillows.

 Who says the largest pillow has to be behind the others?

 Don't forget to add some rectangles in with those squares.

 Mixing patterns can work if there is some solid fabrics in between.  

 An otherwise formal sitting area becomes more comfortable with a mix of pillows.

 The rich green in the pillows really gives this brown and tan room an organic feel.

 Who said white walls were boring!  It doesn't take many different colors to impact this living room.

 This room looks to be collected  pieces, brought together with comfy pillows and throws.  The rug helps tie in all the colors.

Stop in and see our pillow collection!  Don't forget we can do custom pillows, too.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Drapery hardware choices for a formal dining room

A common question we get from our customers:  "Is brass considered 'out of style'"?  Or, "I can't afford to replace my light fixtures for a more updated look".  Many people are changing window treatments, peeling off the wallpaper, or just repainting for a fresh look.  How do you blend the new with the "old"?

This freshly painted dining room had all the elements of a beautiful room---except for the window treatments.  The beautiful light fixture was more of a brass/golden color and other pieces in the room were more of an oil-rubbed-bronze color, or an antique gold finish.  The client had decided on a fabric for the drapery, the style of the hardware but not the finish.
Helser Brother's "Crown" finish

After looking through our Helser Brother's hardware samples, the above hardware finish seemed a perfect choice.  With the other dark brown finishes in the room and the gold-toned chandelier, the drapery hardware would seem to be a combination of them all.  It also has a slight shine to it which would be a nice contrast to our fabric choice.  The client chose a simple ball finial on a smaller diameter rod for a simple profile--we liked her way of thinking!  The beautiful room really didn't need any new architectural elements introduced.

 The fabric color is nearly a perfect match to the paint color in the adjoining living room.  The texture of the fabric (which you just can't see in the pictures, sorry) was important in this room with the heavy wooden furniture, tall ceilings and bronze decorating pieces.  A light weight fabric would not have given the serious look we were going for in this dining room.  Color is not the only factor taken into consideration when choosing the right drapery fabric.

Here's a closeup of the rod and rings.
Thanks to RM CoCo for fabricating the drapery panels and to Helser Brothers for providing great hardware.   
 Let us help you find the perfect blend of finishes for your next project.  You might decide to keep that brass light fixture after all!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Lili Alessandra---beautiful bedding can be washable!

You'll love the feel of our latest bedding line, Lili Alessandra.  Our bed is currently covered in one of the washable fabrics.  While we have several pieces in the shop, we've already sold part of the bedding, so enjoy the catalog pictures I'm posting for your preview:

 The tote bags with the quilted coverlet and shams will be in the shop very soon.  It's a great basic bedding look---very elegant but comfy at the same time. You will want to add one of the beautiful Lili Alessandra pillows to finish it off!

 These washable bedding pieces are considered "stocked" items, so special orders should only take a couple of weeks to come in.

 Although not considered "washable", the drapery panels are just as beautiful and very well constructed.  We were definitely impressed with the fact that they are interlined!  We've got one on order to show-off in the shop.  However, this item and some of the other fabrics are not "stocked", so expect to wait a few weeks!
 You won't believe the beautiful pillows available from Lili Alessandra.  The colors range from neutral linens, soft blue, and a knockout deep purple!  We've got some real bling for your bed!


Come by and "feel" this bedding for yourself.  

Thanks to our rep, Susan, for our her so-called "dog and pony show".  We call it continuing education!  


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