Sunday, December 4, 2011

Justice Furniture preview for 2012

We attended the Justice Furniture Fall Market a couple of weeks ago.  It wasn't really their full blown market, but more of a preview of their new sofas and fabrics.  The company is located in Lebanon, Missouri, and just less than a two hour drive.

We liked this one so much we ordered the same thing for the store.  It's already here, but we opted for some turquoise pillows for a pop of color.  This new fabric is more of a "champagne" color, which could be described as a color somewhere between gold and silver, but neither one.  It's a neutral that really has more of a taupe look to it, and definitely not another brown!

This soft leather feels like butter to the touch, and looks like it in color.  Another plus to this new sofa is the special material in the cushions.  Much more spring in the firm cushions, but still cushy to sit on.  The wood across the bottom really adds a tailored look to this sofa.

Nailheads look great on this style.  Shown here in a bonded leather.
 This traditional camel back sofa looks less traditional without the skirt!  The taller arms also give a new look to this style.

Notice the curved front on this sofa.  It has a definite feminine quality! 

The pillows show one of the new fabrics from Justice.  The sofa has a definite streamlined look to it.  Perfect for a family room that just can't handle those oversized sofas.

While Justice is updating their website, be sure to stop in and see our pictures of the newest sofa styles, along with the new fabrics.  You won't believe how perfect the new sectional fits in the shop.  With all the options available, we can make sure it fits just as perfectly in your home!

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