Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas decor inside a loft apartment

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone reading our blog.  We thought you would enjoy the beautiful Christmas decor inside the loft we worked on earlier this year (click here)In our previous post the client was still waiting for the lamps and this wonderful "branch cabinet" to arrive.

 This particular cabinet isn't exactly produced in mass, so there was a wait list, a delay . . . or two . . .and finally the arrival.  We all knew the style was perfect for this brick wall, and any other cabinet just wouldn't do.  Luckily, our client didn't give up, and is very glad she waited!  So are we.

 Looking into the living room you can see some of the other holiday decor she put together.  The new, larger area rug looks great with the white leather sofa and chairs (outside the photo).  The previous rug was moved over into the dining area.  Both rugs are from Surya. 

 Here's another view just to the left of the previous photo.

Here's a shot looking into the kitchen.   Gotta love that light fixture, it looks like a piece of jewelry.  We were told by our client that her party of 50 people was no problem inside this living area.  Just as fun as the smaller party of 6 on this particular evening, I'm sure!

Thanks to Tom from Global Views for putting up with our numerous calls and emails!  We really do appreciate you.

See us in January, we are taking some time off to be with our families.  The shop will open again on January 9, 2012.  If you need to speak to Pam or Amber, please leave a phone message, we will be checking in regularly.

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