Monday, January 4, 2016

New Store Hours for 2016

We gave it the "ole college try"! For the last 2 years, Madison Lane has been open on Saturdays and closed on Mondays. We were hoping the new location would draw in weekend shoppers.  

Now,  for 2016, we have taken a look at the traffic patterns for the area and the many people saying they missed us on a Monday, and decided to go with the flow!  Especially looking at our immediate neighbors, Dr. Hayes and Dr. Skaggs who are both open on Mondays, it appears our area is geared for the Monday through Friday shoppers.  Even though Rangeline Road can be a frightening place on the weekends ;)  it seems that is where everyone is going.

OPEN:  MON - FRI 11:00-5:00

If you were one of our Saturday shoppers, just be aware that will are still available for you on that day, just call and we'll make arrangements.  We realize many people shopping for furniture pieces need to bring their spouse in on a Saturday, and we are fine if you give us a 'heads up' on your visit.  

 The majority of appointments are made during the weekdays at 9:00 am if possible.  That allows us to be back in the shop by 11:00 or have someone covering the store for a few short hours if necessary.  We do quite a few "color consultations" during the week, and I'm not talking haircolor!!!  If you need a change and are thinking of painting, give us a call, we can help you get started on your redecorating project.  Also, measuring for window treatments, matching up fabrics for various projects, etc, are all examples of a typical morning appointment.

We are closed down for vacation the week of 1/4/16 - 1/8/16.

Happy New Year to our customers, and look for new things to happen at MLI in the coming year!! 

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