Thursday, July 30, 2009

One of our favorite customers

Just enjoy this photograph of a beautifully decorated sunroom. The decorating credit all goes to our customer, she put the whole look together. We do like to brag on the rug she bought from us and the custom drapery and hardware we added. The curtains remain open most of the time, but were fabricated as one panel per door so they could be drawn from either side. It works great to filter that sneaky morning sun that likes to shine in just when they want to read the paper. After that, they are pulled to the side and just become part of the wall, never interfering with the visual impact the rest of the room has. The hardware is powdercoated to match the tin style ceiling (not shown in the photo) and also to provide a smooth surface for the rings to glide across. The finials were made as a square shape to match the knobs on a decorative chest under the television. A 2-finger pleat in the drapes allows for a tighter stackback and a more tailored look. And that is just the details we were in on! Look closely and study all the other details that make this room such a success.

If you happen to enjoy decorating, come by the shop and let us help take care of some of the more boring details---but we want to see the finished product.

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