Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coming soon to our shop: Trapp Candles

If you've ever burned a Trapp candle, you already know they rank among the best for their ability to fill an entire room with their wonderful fragrance. The only thing that has changed is their packaging--you may remember the little "house" that was the original container. That has been updated to a sophisticated style, but still reminiscent of the "house".

At Trapp, “A bottle of perfume in every candle” is more than a tag line. It’s true. It takes just one experience with a Trapp candle to realize what every Trapp devotee knows: the amount of fragrance we use means we can keep our promise: “A Trapp candle or spray is guaranteed to fill a room with fragrance or we will replace it…even a votive."

The above paragraph was copy and pasted from Trapp's website. You know a company is passionate about their fragrances when they make start making promises!

We will start with eight fragrances in the shop, but if you want to try something we don't have in stock, or still want to test their promise, they are giving Madison Lane a case of votives to give away to any customer interested in trying Trapp! It's hard to say how long the samples will last, so don't wait too long to get yours. We suspect they'll be on the shelves first thing Monday, see you then!

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