Sunday, December 9, 2012

A beautiful bedroom, featuring Lili Alessandra bedding

Headboard by Duralee, nightstands by Hickory Chair   

 Can you believe this bedding is all washable?  Even the velvet throw at the end of the bed is included in Lili Alessandra's bedding collection.  This particular bedroom also has a large window seat that needed some lovely pillows----

We'll be taking several of the basketweave with applique pillows to complete this guest room's beautiful look.  Lili Alessandra has been one of our best sellers. 

The Ivory/Ecru Silk and Sensibility set, shown below, is a great way to begin your bedding ensemble.  If you don't want to commit to a color, this set looks great by itself, but is especially easy to add your choice of decorative pillows and make your bedroom decor uniquely yours.  You can even change with the seasons with this set with just one pillow or a duvet folded at the end of the bed.
Silk & Sensibility Reversable & Washable Quilted Coverlet Sets in Ivory/ Ecru.
LQ500KIE King set includes 1 - 112x98 quilted coverlet, 2 - 24x40 quilted king shams and a quilted tote in Ivory.
LQ500QIE Queen set includes 1 - 96x98 quilted coverlet, 2 - 24x34 quilted queen shams and a quilted tote in Ivory.  

Come in and see our selection of Lili Alessandra.  Along with the bedding shown, we have the swatches of the other fabrics available from this line of bedding.  If your preference is more texture, you'll love the new washed linen.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Custom Pillows and their inspiration

Earlier in the week we posted a "review" on Facebook about a decorating book we use for inspiration on a fairly regular basis.  If you missed that post, it was for  Jan Shower's "Glamorous Rooms"

You can purchase it at a local bookstore, or on Amazon.  I wish I could say we had a pile of them in the shop for sale, but we don't!  We have our copy and have used her beautifully photographed rooms to get an idea across to a client on many occasions.  Recently, one of our clients needed throw pillows for her new ivory sofas.  She had looked through "Glamorous Rooms" before, so she knew just what she wanted.

Sofa from Duralee, rug from Surya

With a backdrop of black, grey and white, you really can't go wrong on a color choice.  This sofa got the purple/yellow pillows,

Sofa from Duralee, rug from Surya
and this one has the red/grey pillows.  We are currently having a silver and black contemporary floral fabric made into more pillows to be placed on both sofas.  They will replace the striped and solid black pillows (for now). 

We have plans to use more of Jan's inspiration in another living room----but we'll use a striped pattern for those. I hope you'll visit her blog and website for more ideas on adding just the right "pop" (as we say around here), or glamour to your home.  I am even a follower on Facebook for an extra dose of design inspiration.  Jan has actually replied to a question I posted several months ago!  Wow, social media can be worthwhile!

If you need to add some glamour to your home, we know just where to look for inspiration. We can find your perfect fabric----we have 1000's to choose from!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Christmas Open House----yes it's that time of year!

 Here's just a small preview of some of the things you'll find in our shop by Saturday.  Did I mention that's our Christmas Open House?  Yes, it's that time of year.  November 3rd is the first Saturday of November and that is traditionally the day we begin the Christmas season.

We don't have a huge amount of Christmas decor, but we did try to find some items that would be easy to add in to your Christmas decorating style.   So---if you see something you like, just know we won't be reordering during the season. 

These votive holders are an inexpensive way to add some glitz to your mantle or coffee table during the season. 

We have plenty of red and green as well as the silver and gold, along with wreaths, stems, and some Christmas florals.

Our Open House hours:
November 3, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Our special Holiday hours include our regular days of Monday thru Thursday, 11:00 - 5:30 and Saturdays 11:00 - 3:00 until Christmas.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our shop is still evolving!

Everyone knows that today's celebrities are constantly reinventing themselves.  They know their audience will soon become bored and move on to the next newest star.  The same thing goes for retail----consumers become bored with the same things and start looking at the next new shop for a new idea.

Duralee Sofa and Jules chair by Hickory Chair
 If you haven't been in the shop lately, please stop by and see the changes.  We've opened up the floor space by removing one of our "false walls".  This has enabled us to show off our furniture and make it easier for customers to envision the pieces in their own home.

Lamps by Haeger Pottery
 If you need a reasonably priced lamp, take a look at these from Haeger Pottery.  Their bright colors and variety of sizes make them a great addition to your home.  Look around and see if any of your lamps are actually adding anything more than light----they should be adding something more to your room's overall look.  Make sure you have good proportion to the other pieces in your room.  A skinny candlestick lamp is good for a buffet, especially as a pair.  However, if that's on your nightstand, you might want to think about adding a lamp with a little more "heft". 

Here's a tip we tell a lot of our customers:  take a photo of your room, upload it to your computer and really look at it---just like you look at magazine pictures.  If your proportions are off you will see it much more quickly this way!   If you are really serious, print your photo and sketch your new ideas over the old.  

We are decorated for Fall---come in and smell our new scents from Illume.  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Heights for Madison Lane

We did just get back Monday evening from the Dallas Market, but we've also been busy with a few "tall" orders.

 Thank goodness for scaffolding---these windows were 20 feet tall.  Also thank goodness our installer isn't afraid of heights!!!  This heavy duty rod was in three pieces and joined for a seamless look across this 24 ft wide wall.  The drapery panels were constructed with 10" pleats and extra fabric within each pleat to insure they looked full all the way to the floor:

Here's a grainy photo taken from my phone.  We'll show you the updates in the coming weeks, and some better quality photos.  

Thanks to Kasmir fabrics for the fabric and fabrication of the living room draperies, and to Ona Hardware for your knowledge of hardware for our particular situation.  Thanks, also, to our installer, who has to remain nameless in an effort to keep his phone from ringing off the hook!!!


Sunday, August 26, 2012

New looks from Highland House

We placed an order last week for several pieces of Highland House furniture.  It was not easy trying to narrow down our choices just because we have a small store.  We did choose the sofa in the photo above, and you'll be really happy about the pricing on some of their newest sofas.  

 We really appreciate the extra effort this company goes to by providing us with these latest ideas and showing their furniture with the various fabrics and room settings.  

 It's great fun looking through the fabrics and mixing and matching several of them for a client.  However, it is very important to see how some of them look when they are on a large piece of furniture versus a small piece.  

 Another thing to think about is how the colors will look from across the room.  Some patterns can almost disappear while others can become busier than you might have guessed!

 Solid fabrics aren't always a sure thing either.  You have to take their sheen, nap and texture into consideration, too.

 Finally, a nice wing back chair without a lot of extra "fluff".  This one is show in leather, but don't forget you can choose from hundreds of fabrics

 We'll be getting the smaller side table to match this great looking cocktail table.  It's covered with raffia!  Don't you love how the light color opens up this room setting.  We find many clients with brown sofas, this could be just what you're looking for to brighten up your living room.

 This ottoman/coffee table is covered with one of their new bright leather fabrics.  This useful piece has a tray in the center to hold your drink, but you can still put your feet up without knocking it over!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Madison Lane Interiors welcomes Hickory Chair Furniture!

Hickory Chair Furniture has been on our "want" list for a long time!  Just browse their website, and you will see why.  The graceful lines and structure of all their pieces (upholstery and casegoods) is easily recognizable.  The personalization that can be done to nearly every piece will surely make your Hickory Chair purchase a one-of-a-kind.

The Silhouette Sofa has a choice of arm styles, legs, finishes, and cushion styles. 

The Wakeley Sofa can be made in almost any size you need:  from 39" to 120".  

You'll get to tryout the Wakeley Sofa in our shop.  It's on order and should be here in about 3-4 wks.

The Monroe Sofa and Chair

The wooden base on the Monroe is another detail that can be customized to fit your decor.  The finishes from Hickory Chair are second to none!  The look can fit into a contemporary home, but the carved legs add enough of a detail to make it appropriate for more traditional decor.

If you love the look of wood, but want to soften the look, this finely crafted Kingsley Bed would be a perfect choice.  Remember, you can personalize it, too!

We are once again proud to say we carry products Made in the USA.  The factory has been in Hickory, NC since 1911.   There are a few products shipped to them to from overseas, but that accounts for approximately 10% of their products.  Watch the video below for a view of the manufacturing process:

You won't need to head out of town for your fine furniture purchases.   If you are looking for upholstery or casegoods, let us show you the options available.  Hickory Chair Furniture, Highland House, and Norwalk all provide the variety of choices you'll be looking for along with our personalized service.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Panels frame your view, not take it away


 Here's a great example of why panels are so popular.  In the before photo, the room is almost finished:  furniture is in place, blinds are hung, and the little extras are placed around to make this living room feel cozy.  However, this tall wall with the vaulted ceiling looks stark and lonesome.  The white blinds look nice with the trim, but your eye just goes straight to the chairs.  Seems like a waste to have an tall ceiling and not take advantage of the space.

 We used the photo for a rendering of our proposed window treatment:  tall panels fabricated in an ivory "linen-like" fabric, (thank you RM CoCo for your wonderful fabric, Allegro!), but with a slight sheen.  It would add a bit more of a dressed-up look but still could be stark without some detail.  The flat gimp/trim (from Trend) would be almost an architectural element, drawing the eye upward even more.  The design on the chocolate trim also has a slight sheen, and the colors really would compliment the furniture.  The hardware (from Orion) needs to be just weighty enough to not look wimpy, and the color was chosen to match the ceiling fan in the center of the room. 

Do you notice that we are actually just covering some of the drywall and outside trim?  Don't get paranoid that the trim will all be hidden!  There is plenty to be seen at the top and bottom of the large windows.  Now see the finished results:

The view from the entry is directly into the living room.  The focus isn't on the chairs anymore, but rather the entire space.  One quick look and you feel a sense of a larger space because the ivory drapery is already drawing your eye upward but not away.  There's nothing fussy about these panels.  The tailored pleats and dark trim give them an edge, and you immediately know it was all part of a plan!  Thanks to our clients for allowing us the chance to help make their new home such a personalized space. 

See us for your windows.  We will make sure they reflect your personality and style.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

We aren't going to Atlanta Market, but here's a peek:

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Thanks to our rep, Susan, we can enjoy one of our favorite showrooms (we are especially fond of the Dallas showroom), Codarus.  They represent several lines of bedding, furniture, lamps, and other great home decor items.  Most importantly, we have a great rep with Susan, which in turn helps our customers.  It makes us a little homesick to see but not touch! 

If you see anything you like, come by and see if we have it in the shop.  If not, it's a pretty good bet Susan can help us out!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Highland House Furniture---welcome to Joplin, Missouri

We are pleased to be adding another line of upholstered furniture and casegoods to the shop.  We really studied several companies while attending the High Point Market, and for many reasons chose Highland House.
 Here are some photos from their website:


Highland House is made in Hickory, NC, and is owned by Century Furniture.  Their furniture has been  more cottage or English in style for the past several years.  However, they will soon be known for their transitional style---Candice Olson is bringing her designs to Highland House!!  Sadly, Norwalk had to let her go as she wanted to pursue a total furniture line, and they felt casegoods were not something they wanted to tackle.  I have a lot of respect for a company that wanting to stay true to their mission. Making tables, chests and shelving is not the direction Norwalk felt they wanted to go.  It seems to be a very timely decision for Highland House----a well known company that is ready to bring an updated look to their line, and selling casegoods was already familiar ground for them.  Here's a press release from March:

Designer and HGTV personality Candice Olson and Highland House will introduce a licensed furniture collection at Fall High Point Furniture Market.

The Candice Olson collection for Highland House will include between 70 and 80 pieces of upholstery, case goods and occasional accents for living room, family room, dining and bedroom. The collection will showcase Candice Olson's elegant, clean-lined transitional design philosophy and incorporate many of her signature fabrics and finishes.

"We are fortunate to be working with a designer and high-profile HGTV icon of the caliber of Candice Olson," said Parker Goss, Highland House president. "We believe the High Point launch of her new product line will be the product event of the year. Candice's creative energy and design philosophy are an ideal fit for Highland House and the direction the company is taking. We know that consumers as well as dealers will be drawn to Candice's clean, creative transitional designs as well as to the price points we intend to offer with her new product line. And, we are especially pleased to be offering Candice Olson upholstery and case goods under one roof for the first time."

"I have watched and admired Highland House for a long time, and I'm thrilled at the possibilities that lie ahead for my furniture collection with them," Olson said. "Because we live in an era where there's a proliferation of mass-manufactured items, I'm especially impressed with the manufacturing and logistics capabilities at Highland House, where each piece receives the care of true craftsmen. In addition, I’m pleased that both my upholstered furniture and case goods will be produced by the same company and be displayed in one showroom under one umbrella."

Highland House, headquartered in Hickory, N.C., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Century Furniture.

Highland House showroom, High Point

 If you're ready to purchase new furniture, come by and let us show you all we have to offer.  The styles, fabrics and finishes available to compliment your decor is out there, and we'll help you find them all!  We have the personalized service you don't find everyday!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Purple, Plum, Eggplant, Aubergine---call it whatever your want!

Madison Lane Interiors
We have had various shades of purple in the shop for sometime.  You might be surprised how much this color is used in decorating.  Our neutral paint colors of gray and latte are a great backdrop for the varying shades of purple.  However, don't think your brightly painted walls won't work either, take a look below at the photo we took in the Duralee showroom:


It's not a lot of the pale purple/lavender, but enough to pop against the pale sofa and the blue walls.  The added color makes for a nice transition around the corner to a completely lavender and purple room.  You can see that room in the post below titled "Color Report from High Point".

Highland House showroom
 Just adding a decorative dish has a lot of impact with this bold purple and teal plate.

Unknown internet source.
 We've saved this photo for several years!  The purple votive candle holders and the throw, along with the even lighter lavender flowers turn an otherwise pale room into something glamorous!  The polished nickel accessories are a perfect addition.

Come by our shop and find the punch of purple/eggplant/plum or aubergine you need to freshen up your rooms!


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Windows: some answers to your questions

Art and Surf is a beautiful modern residence designed by Steven Harris Architects and located in Montauk, New York.
If you build a house like this one, you aren't worried about privacy or any of the other obstacles even a small 24" X 36" window can have.  However, now that I have your attention----let's talk about window questions from the everyday homeowner.  

Question #1. I want to enjoy my view during the day, but we need privacy at night.     If you want "total" privacy or room darkening abilities, you will need something that is raised or opened during the day to see outside.  Room darkening usually requires a special fabric lining, wood blinds or shutters (but there may be some cracks of light), or cell shades with the foil lining inside the shade (not visible on the outside).  Also check out the answer below about Nantuckets and Silhouettes.  They are available with a room darkening vane.  Woven woods add a texture and natural look to your home, but do require a lining for privacy.

Bamboo shades with blackout lining.  Provide total privacy and sun control.

Question #2: I need some privacy during the day, but still see if someone pulls up to my home.   Your decorating style will have a lot to say about this answer.  Many things can fall into this category, and some depends on the "level" of privacy desired at night.  If it is total privacy, we are back to the answer in question #1.  There's also the option of having a two layer approach, with the first layer being a sun-filtering option, and the second layer having the blackout ability.  If you don't mind your neighbors seeing a light on in your home, there are some semi-opaque shades in many different styles that would work for you.  Also, for a more traditional look, there are many fabrics that allow sunlight (sheers) but when pleated and hung at the window, provide a level of semi-privacy.  You need to see these fabrics in person to appreciate them.  It's difficult to photograph!  Hunter Douglas has their Nantucket and Silhouette shades that will also provide filtered light and privacy all in one shade.  They look great alone, but can be used with other decorative treatments.

From the Hunter Douglas website.

Question #3:  I don't want to hide my transom/arch, but we can't see the television, and I'm afraid the sunlight will fade my sofa.  What can I do?  We've said it so many times, it sounds too simple, but the easiest fix is tinting your windows.  No, it doesn't look odd, and you won't even know it's there unless you get the super-duper/heavy-duty (not official names) tinting level.  In Joplin, we send out customers straight to Tint-n-More.  It is a great "first line of defense", meaning that it adds an extra layer of protection to anything else we add.  Some windows, and those facing the west are the biggest offenders, just need more than one layer of protection.  If you get a lot of sun during a small portion of the day, this might be a fix for you, too.  Not every window needs a treatment, but you could use the UV protection.  If you aren't in our area, checkout Vista Window Films for your problem windows.  

Case Study: Interior Designer: Jamie Drake, ASID, from the Vista website.
 Question #4:   Wow, why are window treatments so expensive?  Yes, they are, and your oversized windows are going to be more than you expected.  It all adds up, and quite quickly!  Unfortunately, the builders get to you first, and decisions are made, budgets are exceeded, and there you are:  beautiful windows that need a treatment.  Cheap hardware and wimpy curtains are going to take away from that wonderful home you now have.  We advise our clients to go a step at a time.  Don't ever try to plan it all in a day!  Work on the most important room, first, which may be the bathroom because of privacy!  When you see the quality that custom work provides, you'll be ready to move forward as your budget allows.  Please, if you have a budget, let us know at the beginnning.  We can tell you what is/isn't possible, and we'll only look at our choices within your budget.  The options are less, but that's not a bad thing---it helps keep us all focused and makes the decision making a little easier in a lot of cases!  Sometimes special hardware doesn't call for expensive fabric, but something simple, and vice versa.   And, if we do quote a price that is outside your budget let's sit down and decide if there is another fabric or brand of hardware that could be substituted.

Unknown original website.

The room in the above photo could have been accomplished in several steps.  The woven shades would have been the first layer, along with the furniture.  The addition of the area rug, lamps may have come into play before drapery panels.  Wall art and throw pillows are one of the last additions to bring the look together.  Obviously, this homeowner was partial to their well worn leather chairs (or maybe re-upholstering is their final step!). 



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