Thursday, July 12, 2012

Panels frame your view, not take it away


 Here's a great example of why panels are so popular.  In the before photo, the room is almost finished:  furniture is in place, blinds are hung, and the little extras are placed around to make this living room feel cozy.  However, this tall wall with the vaulted ceiling looks stark and lonesome.  The white blinds look nice with the trim, but your eye just goes straight to the chairs.  Seems like a waste to have an tall ceiling and not take advantage of the space.

 We used the photo for a rendering of our proposed window treatment:  tall panels fabricated in an ivory "linen-like" fabric, (thank you RM CoCo for your wonderful fabric, Allegro!), but with a slight sheen.  It would add a bit more of a dressed-up look but still could be stark without some detail.  The flat gimp/trim (from Trend) would be almost an architectural element, drawing the eye upward even more.  The design on the chocolate trim also has a slight sheen, and the colors really would compliment the furniture.  The hardware (from Orion) needs to be just weighty enough to not look wimpy, and the color was chosen to match the ceiling fan in the center of the room. 

Do you notice that we are actually just covering some of the drywall and outside trim?  Don't get paranoid that the trim will all be hidden!  There is plenty to be seen at the top and bottom of the large windows.  Now see the finished results:

The view from the entry is directly into the living room.  The focus isn't on the chairs anymore, but rather the entire space.  One quick look and you feel a sense of a larger space because the ivory drapery is already drawing your eye upward but not away.  There's nothing fussy about these panels.  The tailored pleats and dark trim give them an edge, and you immediately know it was all part of a plan!  Thanks to our clients for allowing us the chance to help make their new home such a personalized space. 

See us for your windows.  We will make sure they reflect your personality and style.

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