Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mission Hills Mansion Project: MSSU Alumni Center

Just a note to let you know if we've been slow in returning your calls, completing your quotes, or any other project we are working on, we are getting back on task! The above beautiful building is being remodeled to be used for the MSSU Alumni Center, and we are heavily involved in furnishing the interior. There's definitely more detailed information that we will be sharing with you in the near future, so this is just the start. We are over the "hump" for awhile, but when the shipments start arriving, we'll be a little crazy again.

Now, for a little "shop talk": If you haven't added the necessary bright colors to your home for Spring, stop in and take home some of our great little green candle wreaths. We have some small enough for your taper candle holders, and another size just right for pillar candles.


Unknown said...

Looks/sounds like a very exciting project! I will look forward to your future "reveal"!

Madison Lane said...

We are looking forward to it, too! Maybe by August they're telling us.


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