Friday, April 23, 2010

A fun mix of gifts, spring decor, and a pretty chair---all under one roof!

It seems that the nice weather keeps people in their yards, rather than in our shop, but thanks to those of you who we got to see this week! It's great to see new faces, and we did enjoy visiting with old friends, too!

OK, what's fun at MLI? Have you seen our flour sack towels? Forget the funny card for your friend and give a laugh that won't go into the trash.

We've got a whole basket full to keep you laughing. They come in pairs and each set has a gingham ribbon to keep them together. They are actually the soft flour sack cloth you will want to put to use, and get a kick out them everytime.

Try adding some calla lilies to your spring decor. We have two sizes available.

Notice the smaller calla lilies in the white pitcher. Adding something white to your counter-top would look fresh for spring, whether it's a canister set or one of the matching serving platters.

A pretty Chair.

Justice Furniture has had this chair in their line for awhile, but not this fabric. We loved it and finally decided to order one for the shop. Try it out, you'll be surprised how comfortable a "pretty" chair can be. And guys, with a different fabric, this chair can also look very "handsome".

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Julie Stephens said...

I love those towels! Too cute!


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