Thursday, January 28, 2010

Surya Rugs, Wall Art, Throws, Pillows---coming to Madison Lane

We've sold Surya rugs for some time, now. However, it isn't always easy to view colors with a catalog, and buying 2x3 rugs every time as a color swatch isn't really feasible. It also delays the process and most likely loses sales, as the customer starts looking elsewhere. We are excited to bring a new display of rugs into the shop. You'll see it on the video below. We will also add a couple of their full sized rugs to the store so you can see the different price levels and difference in quality, etc. But not only is Surya providing great rug designs, but they are offering a line of wall art that will coordinate with the rugs, along with pillows and throws! The colors are are just beautiful, and irresistible. Also to note in the video are the "collections" Surya has put together. They are grouped by color, style, and price. Shopping just got easier for all of us.

*(If you're running Internet Explorer, you might have trouble viewing this video).

Here's some of their newest rugs shown at the Atlanta market. This particular line has a great feel to them---almost like a velour, cut design. Notice the gold and red colors that are common in many homes, but they've added a deep plum color as an accent. What a great way to update your decor! That would look especially good with one of our plum colored glass vases.

If you don't need that much color, don't worry. They've got it covered in the neutral category, and soon will be stocking a large variety of solid rugs. The thought of a solid color may not sound exciting, but they were truly beautiful colors, and would be very easy to incorporate into your decor.

Visit the Surya website and you'll see some excellent photos of all they have to offer. We'll let you know when our order arrives!

PS. Enjoy the video again---I can't make it go away!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

More new furniture from the Atlanta Market

We've looked at this company's furniture online and in catalogs for about two years. Finally, we get to see them in person and their furniture is even better than the pictures! It doesn't always work out that way! The new addition to our shop is Furniture Classics, Ltd. So many of the showrooms had the trendy furniture we see a lot of in the magazines with the "feed sack cloth" upholstery and grey wood tables and accessories. Not that we don't enjoy that look, but so far our customers are still interested in the styles we saw at the Furniture Classics showroom.

Pam spotted this little side table with a customer in mind, so we thought we'd add it to the list. Well, it has since arrived and she loved it, so it may be gone before you get here, but we can order it again! It actually has a gate-leg and the top is round if you swing the leg out. If you've been in the shop, you know we love those versatile tables!

We don't have this bench, but don't you love it? Notice the other pieces in the background---it was a difficult decision to choose only a few things!

And speaking of versatile tables, we did buy the one shown here standing on it's side. It's a beautiful reproduction and folds up so nice and neat that we knew it was just right for our small store, and hopefully a perfect find for someone needing an extra table for card games or dinner.

This rattan/wicker chair is now in the shop. It has a nice combination of wood and wicker and comes with the muslin cushion. It would be a great way to add another element of texture to your kitchen or dining room. The seat is wider than many we looked at and feels quite sturdy with the wooden legs.
We have new items arriving regularly, from rugs and jewelry, to furniture and pillows. Come by to see the newest finds.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Living Room Redo: Interlined drapery in a not so traditional room


We thought the panel track window treatment was a cool idea. The client had put the 3-layer treatment together to cover the triple door/window. It wasn't a bad idea--just not quite what she had in mind.


We looked through a lot of fabrics, thinking we needed a really retro look. Some were too graphic in appearance, others just too overpowering for the great artwork already in the room. But as we flipped through the fabric books, our client spotted this great black/white/tan fabric from Kasmir. Wow, what a great design, but without all the color interference. The black/white/tan fabric was the perfect background for her other pieces of art (and the new lamp she purchased from us!). We decided this 100% cotton fabric needed to be interlined in the newest blackout lining (100% polyester, soft-enough-to-sleep-in-fabric), and lined with a nice ivory sateen. The pleats were done in the Euro-pleat style, and it became the perfect backdrop for everything else in the room. The neutral colors all came together and made the special pieces stand out. The interlining provided great insulation for the room in addition to the "heft" it gave the cotton fabric.

Note the wonderful "French Pole", one or the newest additions from our often used company, Helser Brothers Hardware. The simplicity of the rod was perfect in this particular room! We certainly didn't need the addition of decorative finials, and the clean lines of the hardware really complimented the fabric.

I wish you could see a better picture of the artwork on the easel. It was a Christmas gift to her husband! Luckily the client has an eye for design and knew immediately it would work with her choice of fabric. What a great idea to fill in an otherwise empty corner!!!

Now, just a flashy pillow or two and this room will be complete.

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. W for being such fun clients to work with!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Atlanta Market: we found great things (and we had fun!)

OK, let the laughing begin. We weren't the only ones in the hats! It sounds a little crazy, but they are a common occurrence at Il Localino. The Italian restaurant was great fun, and the perfect place to have dinner after a long day, and celebrate Pam's birthday. We didn't put the hats on when we got there, but the neighboring table made sure we tried them out before we left! The night started out with Bocelli and ended with the Bee Gee's and a little Night Fever.
Yep, it's an eclectic kind of place, but the short taxi ride to Highland Avenue was worth it.

We really did find some great things at the Atlanta Market, but we'll let you get a good laugh before we get back to business.

And by the way, we're back in the shop: Monday through Thursday, the regular 11:00 to 5:30, see ya there.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Duralee fabric and a very custom workroom

You would think every drapery workroom is considered custom, but sometimes that's easier said than done. Madison Lane Interiors uses several workrooms for the various window treatments, bedding ensembles, pillows and any other home decor you might dream up. Each individual fabricator has a place in our business, it just depends on the item being fabricated and all the special requests that may go with it!

One of our favorite workrooms is an individual that we know personally, visit with by phone, facebook, and email, and has all the credentials that a qualified workroom would want. Thank you, Connie, for helping support our business these past 2 1/2 yrs and doing the high quality work we insist on!

Here's a recent living room that received the expertise of Connie's workroom:

The white blinds just didn't have the look we wanted for this living room.


The panels were made from the Duralee fabric shown above. Drapery hardware was from Helser Brothers, and we did request the color to be slightly darker than the color chip in order to match the light fixtures in the adjoining room. The clients had crown molding added in the meantime, so the room really underwent some big changes. The woven wood blinds from Mahn Truc were ordered unlined so the light could still filter through, but they are still able to view the TV.

Notice that the panels were mounted several inches outside the actual window frame to keep the view intact. The vertical lines of the drapery panels really emphasized the height of the wall, and changed the "white rectangle" into a decorative part of the room.

Thanks to our clients, Mr. and Mrs. K! They chose a great fabric for their room and allowed us to put our plan in place!


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