Friday, January 22, 2010

More new furniture from the Atlanta Market

We've looked at this company's furniture online and in catalogs for about two years. Finally, we get to see them in person and their furniture is even better than the pictures! It doesn't always work out that way! The new addition to our shop is Furniture Classics, Ltd. So many of the showrooms had the trendy furniture we see a lot of in the magazines with the "feed sack cloth" upholstery and grey wood tables and accessories. Not that we don't enjoy that look, but so far our customers are still interested in the styles we saw at the Furniture Classics showroom.

Pam spotted this little side table with a customer in mind, so we thought we'd add it to the list. Well, it has since arrived and she loved it, so it may be gone before you get here, but we can order it again! It actually has a gate-leg and the top is round if you swing the leg out. If you've been in the shop, you know we love those versatile tables!

We don't have this bench, but don't you love it? Notice the other pieces in the background---it was a difficult decision to choose only a few things!

And speaking of versatile tables, we did buy the one shown here standing on it's side. It's a beautiful reproduction and folds up so nice and neat that we knew it was just right for our small store, and hopefully a perfect find for someone needing an extra table for card games or dinner.

This rattan/wicker chair is now in the shop. It has a nice combination of wood and wicker and comes with the muslin cushion. It would be a great way to add another element of texture to your kitchen or dining room. The seat is wider than many we looked at and feels quite sturdy with the wooden legs.
We have new items arriving regularly, from rugs and jewelry, to furniture and pillows. Come by to see the newest finds.

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