Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Living Room Redo: Interlined drapery in a not so traditional room


We thought the panel track window treatment was a cool idea. The client had put the 3-layer treatment together to cover the triple door/window. It wasn't a bad idea--just not quite what she had in mind.


We looked through a lot of fabrics, thinking we needed a really retro look. Some were too graphic in appearance, others just too overpowering for the great artwork already in the room. But as we flipped through the fabric books, our client spotted this great black/white/tan fabric from Kasmir. Wow, what a great design, but without all the color interference. The black/white/tan fabric was the perfect background for her other pieces of art (and the new lamp she purchased from us!). We decided this 100% cotton fabric needed to be interlined in the newest blackout lining (100% polyester, soft-enough-to-sleep-in-fabric), and lined with a nice ivory sateen. The pleats were done in the Euro-pleat style, and it became the perfect backdrop for everything else in the room. The neutral colors all came together and made the special pieces stand out. The interlining provided great insulation for the room in addition to the "heft" it gave the cotton fabric.

Note the wonderful "French Pole", one or the newest additions from our often used company, Helser Brothers Hardware. The simplicity of the rod was perfect in this particular room! We certainly didn't need the addition of decorative finials, and the clean lines of the hardware really complimented the fabric.

I wish you could see a better picture of the artwork on the easel. It was a Christmas gift to her husband! Luckily the client has an eye for design and knew immediately it would work with her choice of fabric. What a great idea to fill in an otherwise empty corner!!!

Now, just a flashy pillow or two and this room will be complete.

Thanks Mr. and Mrs. W for being such fun clients to work with!

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Unknown said...

It looks wonderful Amber. Did you also change the table or paint the base of it? Looks great and adding the lamp with red base is a sharp contrast.


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