Thursday, January 28, 2010

Surya Rugs, Wall Art, Throws, Pillows---coming to Madison Lane

We've sold Surya rugs for some time, now. However, it isn't always easy to view colors with a catalog, and buying 2x3 rugs every time as a color swatch isn't really feasible. It also delays the process and most likely loses sales, as the customer starts looking elsewhere. We are excited to bring a new display of rugs into the shop. You'll see it on the video below. We will also add a couple of their full sized rugs to the store so you can see the different price levels and difference in quality, etc. But not only is Surya providing great rug designs, but they are offering a line of wall art that will coordinate with the rugs, along with pillows and throws! The colors are are just beautiful, and irresistible. Also to note in the video are the "collections" Surya has put together. They are grouped by color, style, and price. Shopping just got easier for all of us.

*(If you're running Internet Explorer, you might have trouble viewing this video).

Here's some of their newest rugs shown at the Atlanta market. This particular line has a great feel to them---almost like a velour, cut design. Notice the gold and red colors that are common in many homes, but they've added a deep plum color as an accent. What a great way to update your decor! That would look especially good with one of our plum colored glass vases.

If you don't need that much color, don't worry. They've got it covered in the neutral category, and soon will be stocking a large variety of solid rugs. The thought of a solid color may not sound exciting, but they were truly beautiful colors, and would be very easy to incorporate into your decor.

Visit the Surya website and you'll see some excellent photos of all they have to offer. We'll let you know when our order arrives!

PS. Enjoy the video again---I can't make it go away!!!

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