Sunday, January 10, 2010

Atlanta Market: we found great things (and we had fun!)

OK, let the laughing begin. We weren't the only ones in the hats! It sounds a little crazy, but they are a common occurrence at Il Localino. The Italian restaurant was great fun, and the perfect place to have dinner after a long day, and celebrate Pam's birthday. We didn't put the hats on when we got there, but the neighboring table made sure we tried them out before we left! The night started out with Bocelli and ended with the Bee Gee's and a little Night Fever.
Yep, it's an eclectic kind of place, but the short taxi ride to Highland Avenue was worth it.

We really did find some great things at the Atlanta Market, but we'll let you get a good laugh before we get back to business.

And by the way, we're back in the shop: Monday through Thursday, the regular 11:00 to 5:30, see ya there.

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