Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More bedding from Lili Alessandra

If you thought gray was meant for cloudy skies, then you need to look at our newest Lili Alessandra bedding.  The Silk and Sensibility line of bedding is a great start for this silver/gray and blue bedding.

Here's a picture from their website showing the reverse:

We mixed in some pillows from the Jackie Jacquard blue silver bedding:

And added a little bling with the crystal-laden pillow!

Here's the website's photo of the Jackie duvet and some other pillows from Lili Alessandra.  We do have the textured one on the right, in stock.  You can ask for it by it's nickname "fluffy".

Oh, did I mention all this bedding is from the "Easy Care Washable" product line??!!  It's beautiful and useful---the best of both worlds.


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